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Re: The all-purpose "feel good" / pep rally / "optimism only" thread
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We need a moment to digest the end of Kyrie's season.  It's tough.  We've been treated to an unbelievable season of high and lows.  Right now it feels really low, like the latest surgery is the final blow.  The clouds got darker, the road longer.

But there's a reason for an "optimism" thread. And that's to remember that our team is down, but there's basketball left to play and a hungry bunch of young Celtics ready to play it. 

So when you are ready, it's time.  Time for our young Jays to thrive.  For our bigs to come up bigger.  For our rookies to outplay veterans.  And for fans to turn it up to 11.  It will be time for our team to don the mantel of underdogs, play loose and shock the world.  Time to rage against the dying of the light. 

We've all seen this before, but it is coming time for us to remember.

Who's next indeed!

Re: The all-purpose "feel good" / pep rally / "optimism only" thread
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For those of us. Who thought the season was over after game one, these playoffs are a wonderful bonus. I am so impressed. By how the bench has stepped up and won games.

Kyrie hurt? No problem.  Each game will be fun from here on out.  ;D
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Re: The all-purpose "feel good" / pep rally / "optimism only" thread
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Tatum will win a title in his first year

Re: The all-purpose "feel good" / pep rally / "optimism only" thread
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Check out my new song -- I've been rapping my tail off and I can ball like crazy, too (I'm 6'10"). The Raptors and their "brand ambassador" will surely be a tough task if we face them, as well as either the Rockets or Warriors but as positive as this season has been it surely doesn't hurt to believe. Kyrie Irving will be back soon; no need to disrespect the Milwaukee Bucks but we do not need to be "caught by surprise" against a young, small market team that wants to establish itself as a playoff contender. I'm hoping we take care of this series quickly and Irving can come back well rested and in great condition; he's a playoff veteran like most of our guys so we need his experience. Good luck and go Celtics!!!
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