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Great, great movie (at least the Director's Cut is).  And from Philip K. Dick, one of my favorite authors of all-time. <kanye> OF ALL TIME!!! </kanye>

If folks are interested in old-school sci-fi movies, I was just reading that a new remastered version of Metropolis is being released sometime in the past year.  Metropolis is very, very old school (1927) but is visually remarkable and you can see how it directly inspired other science fiction films up until the modern day.  Apparently they've tracked down and restored ~30 minutes of footage that was believed lost until today.  Worth checking out.
Metropolis is still very stunning when put into the context of when it was made. It has been referenced in everything from commercials to Queen music videos.

If you like horror/sci-fi from early cinema, check out Nosferatu as well.  Excellent vampire silent film that also makes an appearance in the Queen video for "Under Pressure".

And there is no doubt that Blade Runner was influential.  Half of "A.I." as Speilberg did it was a nod to this film.

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Well, until the director's cut, it was unclear that Deckhard might be a replicant.

I read that Ridley Scott is working on two new Sci Fi projects:  Huxley's Brave New World and Joe Haldeman's "The Forever War."

I wish some of the hollywood types would discover C.J. Cherryh. If I were a producer looking for a Sci Fi blockbuster, the first three movies I would want to make  are "Serpent's Reach," "Pride of Chanur" and the Faded Sun trilogy.  And if people liked Stargate and Lord of the Rings, Cherryh's Morgaine novels combine elements of both.

How many Hugo awards does she have to win before the filmmakers discover her work?
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