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My wife and I watched Let the Right One In last night.  It's a foreign film (Sweden I think), with either voice over (pretty decent voice over in English actually) or subtitles.

It is the tale of a 12 year old boy living in an apartment complex with his Mom, and his neighbor - a vampire who is eternally trapped in the body of a 12 year old girl.  They form a very sweet friendship as he copes with bullies and puberty, and she deals with the lonely realities of survival as a vampire.

It was definitely not your typical vampire movie.  It was a mostly believable look into what it might be like to be a vampire in modern times (or to have your first crush/odd girl next door be a blood drinker).

Loved that movie. Dark and sweet at the same time.

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I can only remember seeing one movie this year:

The Invention of Lying: 2.5
Great premise, many great moments, but a few scenes lingered uncomfortably long. The scene early on with his secretary is horrible. The part at the end when he seems depressed drags horribly.

Still, it is brilliant when he invents fiction, god, and religion.

I guess I've been really busy. I really wanted to see Goodbye Solo and The Hurt Locker.

From 2008:
4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days: 3.5 (I wonder if I would have given it a full 4 if I was a woman)
The Class: 4
Man on Wire: 4 (I would have given it only a 3.5 if not for all the great shots of the WTC being built).
The Dark Knight: 4
Wall-E: 3.5
Let the right one in: 4
Revolutionary Road: 2.5
Slumdog Millionaire: 4
Iron Man: 3
The Watchmen: 3 (I think I liked this more than the general public, but I'm not sure why)

I usually manage to avoid watching any stinkers.

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Jumper was so bad I cried. Push was a lot like a good idea that came off as kind of rushed.

i thought jumper was enjoyable.  not the best movie in the world, but a good dvd to rent.

push i thought was terrible.  hated everything about it.  the star wars geek in me cant like a movie that blatantly is based around the force and the force push.

Yup ... I'm with ya Bud ... I actually loved Jumper, and I really didn't think I would ... but Push left me unimpressed ... to me it was just a cop of every "popular" sci-fi idea possible, thrown into a pot and stirred, and dumped out onto cels.

I liked jumper DESPITE Hayden Christensen, he was as unwatchable as always. The movie i felt was well done though, great premise (also a great book btw)

If you liked it, i recommend the book to all. it's really good. I wonder if they will do the sequal books as movies as well?

EDIT: to prevent false advertising, i must say thatthe book has NOTHING to do with the movie, other than the jumping power. None of the characters/ organizations are the same.

non-spoiler example: no paladins, and david's mother isn't some international super agent who randomly married, then left, an alcoholic who apparently was never connected with the super secret world wide anti super power organization his wife worked for.

(seriously, what the hell was that about movie? His mom is part of a secret society along the lines of the Illuminati and lives in Detroit with an normal guy who has no knowledge of her day job? and why later is she shown to be super rich and in a position of power? come on now jumper movie, all i'm asking is a WAVE at logic :D.)

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Has anyone seen 2012 yet??
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