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Re: Recommended Books?
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TP for writing though rr4ys. Good on ya

Gracias. What kind of writing do you do?

Urban Fantasy stuff mostly. Haven't put real pages together in a year or so though. Some sci-fi stuff but mostly dystopian themes or post-apocalyptic.

What UF series have you been reading in recent years if any?

The Iron Druid series is okay. There is some half-elf series too that is okay. I burned through all the Dean Koontz Odd Thomas stuff pretty fast. Obviously the Dresden books as they come out.

I read Storm Front recently.  Very pulpy, but really crisp and lean.  Well-crafted. 

Then you passed the most difficult test since Storm Front if not the weakest, it's among the weakest in the series.

In general as a rule, each book gets better and better. It's book 3 where I felt the series had a big breakthrough though and when the plot starts cementing itself.

Re: Recommended Books?
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I mean, it's very clear that Storm Front is the pilot episode, so to speak.  But as pilot episodes go, it's really well done, and mercifully short and to the point.  A nice blending of genres with a clear understanding of what it is and what it isn't.  Not great literature, but if I'm going to read not great literature, I'd much prefer a 50,000 word fantasy detective story with an amusing tone to a 150,000 word tome with extensive "world-building" (aka unsupported exposition) and largely wooden, knitted-brow characters.
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