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i voted that the celts would sweep
Oh yeh? Prove it!  (sorry, been hanging around my 5 year old too much ::))


seriously tho, the hawks are absolutely pathetic as a playoff opponent.  i will be shocked if they win a single game in this series. 

the force tells me we will not only sweep, but will win by 15 pts each game ;)

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The Hawks will likely give them a game in Atlanta.  Much like the Celts team that was swept by the Pacers a few years back (that team had no biz being in the playoffs either).


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Even though he irks me sometimes, Donny Marshall had a great reaction to being asked if the Hawks would win a game, he looked truly sad for them and said, "Even if the Hawks play their best possible game, and the Celtics play a bad game, the Celtics still have too many weapons."

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Four games is just silly, the Hawks are even buying into it themselves, they already picked which jersey to wear for the 2nd round.

Hilarious... TP


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