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I may be wrong here, but I think when Dallas traded for J-Kidd, it pretty much destroyed their hopes of a championship run. Seriously, Kidd CANNOT stay in front of Chris Paul (or any quick PG for that matter). If they kept Devin Harris, who is much quicker defensively and offensively, they would have a much better chance of at least slowing CP3. Now? We (happily, at least for me) get to see Kidd repeatedly abused on the defensive end. I don't know what Cuban was thinking but, how is Kidd to handle the quicker point guards out West (Parker, CP3, Nash, Williams)?

The ironic (and moronic) thing about the Kidd trade is that it made the Mavs WORSE against the one team whose number they seemed to have: the Spurs. Harris was the only WC guard who can stop Parker from causing havoc in the lane. The Mavs totally lost that when Harris left, along with their advantage of the Spurs. And, as we are seeing now, the Hornets.