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Around the NBA / Re: NBA 2018 Playoffs Thread
« Last post by nickagneta on Today at 01:56:50 PM »
If it’s GSW vs Cavaliers, ratings will be trash.
The last three years of GSW vs CLE have seen ratings of 11.6, 11.4, and 11.3, a very slight decrease, but the viewship has gone up each year from 19.94 million viewers to 20.28 to 20.38 last year. Those ratings killed every other NBA Finals ratings since 2004.

NBA viewers love the rivalry. I can't see ratings changing all that much for a GSW-CLE 4.
Game Threads / Re: Celtics (2-1) at Cavs (1-2) ECF Game #4 5/21/18
« Last post by Billz401 on Today at 01:56:17 PM »
We need to start with better energy. And please for the love of all let's not jack up contested 3s all game
Celtics Talk / Re: Bring back Aron Baynes?
« Last post by blink on Today at 01:55:58 PM »
I think we absolutely bring him back.  His defense in the playoffs has been great.  I almost said he is the best def big man since KG, but Horford might be just a bit better on d based on the eye test only.
Celtics Talk / Re: Bring back Aron Baynes?
« Last post by Roy H. on Today at 01:53:46 PM »
I remember vaguely that we used the Room Exception to sign Baynes.. did we use the mid-level exception last year? Or did we lose it coz we were already over the cap.

In any case, if we go over the tax can we just use the tax-payer mid-level on him?

Where the hell has saltlover gone recently?

Teams that use cap room, like we did last year, don’t get the MLE, only the room exception.

I believe we can use the full MLE this year, but if we do we’re hard-capped at the “apron”, which is $4 million above the tax line. If we’re worried about exceeding the apron, we’ll stick to the Taxpayer MLE.
Celtics Talk / Re: Bring back Aron Baynes?
« Last post by trickybilly on Today at 01:49:59 PM »
I remember vaguely that we used the Room Exception to sign Baynes.. did we use the mid-level exception last year? Or did we lose it coz we were already over the cap.

In any case, if we go over the tax can we just use the tax-payer mid-level on him? Or if we can somehow sneak under the non-taxpayer mid?

Where the hell has saltlover gone recently?

I'd trade Rozier and Sac pick for #4. I'd throw in this years 1st also.

First, I expect Rozier to be gone in a year and second, I'm not sold on him. He's still very inconsistent. Plays well at home and sucks on the road. Nice guard off the bench, but I personally don't see him as being more than a slightly above starter.

Second, The Kings weren't that bad this year. I believe they had the 6st worse record. Given they have the #2 pick this year, I could see them having a pick somewhere in the 6-10 range. I'd rather have #4 this years.

Third, I don't really care about the 27th pick. Might get someone you can develop, but just as soon see them give Bird a shot if they have space on the roster.

I think I'd even throw in another pick down the road. This team is still lacking depth at the big, and if next year is the year, they are going to need some.
Celtics Talk / Re: Not Officially Panicking (Yet)
« Last post by fairweatherfan on Today at 01:42:29 PM »
This is all house money at this point. Even if we didn't win another game I'd be disappointed but I don't think I'd ever panic. There's nothing to blow when we've already overachieved.

That said let's just take care of business tonight and we can all relax a bit more.  :)
The Wolves would be much better off just trading Thibs, Wiggins, or whomever is causing KAT to be disappointed.  That said if they move on from KAT, I think a team like the Lakers would be a darkhorse contender as they have a lot of young players, but also can provide some cap relief to the Wolves.

Agreed on your first point, but hopefully they don't figure that out.

As to your second point, I think they have their eyes on James/George/Leonard first.
And why exactly can't they add Towns to that?  They have Ball, Ingram, and Kuzma as pieces.  They won't need all of those for a Leonard trade.  They also have potentially have Randle as a sign and trade (though that would make it more difficult to land 2 max free agents).  Sign George and James in free agency.  They'd have to get the order down for all those trades/signings, but I think it is doable as long as they can move Deng somewhere in there.

Seems like you are a bit feisty on this.

To get Leonard, they'd probably have to give up Ingram. In order to make the trade work, they also have to include Deng, which means they'd need to include another piece (Hart? Kuzma?)
Considering the other offers that would be out there, I don't think Kuzma and Ball would be enough to get Towns.

Maybe they would target him over Leonard though.
CB forums obsession with draft picks and trading to get high draft picks continues.

We have a championship level roster right now why would we rock that boat for MOAH rookies!

Be quiet Chilly we need to move Rozier and Irving because having 2 talented guards on the same roster will NEVAH win you a ring!! MOAH ROOKIES!!!

Yeah, people always wanna trade up for top picks.  But this year even I want to do this.  I mean, we can't take on all the draft picks we have, we have 4 guards that need more minutes than we can play them, and we need a young big of which there are tons in this draft.

People are talking about Bamba the most, but I actually question his fit with his lack of passing and needing to develop a 3.  Jaren Jackson Jr looks like a better version of Bamba and he should be at 4, and Wendell Carter who could be there at 7 looks like a truly amazing fit for us. 

This year, with the amount of picks and guards we have, I don't think these fantasies are as nuts as usual.  I mean, c'mon, I've got them... they can't be nuts!

I should clarify also- I'm not firmly in the trade Rozier camp, but Danny is an asset manager.  It would be in his character to flip Rozier (and consolidate a draft asset or two) to get a highly valuable asset more likely than a player, due to our cap situation and the fact that a player of that value would clearly put us in the tax. 

But if he matched outgoing salary to acquire the #4 or #6 pick and drafted that player, he'd have him for 4-8 years and on the same timeline as Jaylen, Jayson, and Kyrie. A big 4 of the future to match our current big whatever of KI, JB, GH, JT and Al.

The core thing here is, I don't think we could replace Rozier when he plays 30-40 minutes a night.  He's an above average starting PG and the best player in a backup guard role.

The key to me is, if he only plays backup minutes and shares them with Smart, the fact is, his production or at least 75% of it should be replaceable on a vet min contract given our current stature in the NBA.  So if he starts, he's immensely valuable.  If Kyrie never gets hurt and Rozier never starts or plays 30 minutes, he doesn't add nearly as much value.

Now imagine Horford getting hurt.  How would Tatum, Baynes and Theis hold down the fort vs. Brown, Smart and Rozier?  To me, we need depth at PF/C with an athletic 2-way player as much as we need Rozier's depth at guard, and I think you can find 2-3 of those PF/C at #4 or #6.
Don't we have Rozier under control for the next 5 years? What makes you think after three years, when we are looking at having to pay this rookie that the everyone isn't going to be saying we need to trade this developing rookie because his rookie contract is up in a year and we need to trade him while his value is high? Seems I have heard this idea every year since Sullinger.
Celtics Talk / Re: Bring back Aron Baynes?
« Last post by GreenEnvy on Today at 01:32:01 PM »
Definitely want him back. He will keep working on his 3pt shot and he really adds a different defensive dimension to this team.

He’s also the guy who can go from starter to supporter and be fine with it. He’s often the biggest cheerleader on the sidelines.

He seems pretty egoless (from the same cut as Smart), does whatever the team needs and is simply a great fit here.
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