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Celtics Talk / Re: What was that?
« Last post by Moranis on Today at 08:57:27 AM »
Ainge put 5 rookies on this team (not counting the 2 way players), only 1 of which should be getting minutes.  He didn't fill a roster spot and then with Hayward going down that created another open roster spot which he still hasn't filled.  So the team has essentially 9 players that should be getting NBA minutes (and I'm using should loosely when it includes players like Larkin), without Irving that is down to 8.  Ainge created this situation by putting together a cheap young bench that has no business playing real NBA minutes.  I'm guessing Ainge didn't believe the team was a real contender, which would explain this roster construction, but once the team started winning, and winning a lot, Ainge should have at least filled the 2 open spots with actual NBA players.
Celtics Talk / Re: What was that?
« Last post by Monkhouse on Today at 08:47:04 AM »
Celtics very poor on pace which leads to taking tough contested ugly jumpers and instead of moving the ball you have players who just try to score, instead of the assist. As td450 said, 4 assists combined with Smart, Rozier and Larkin? Gross.
Celtics Talk / Re: What was that?
« Last post by Surferdad on Today at 08:36:09 AM »
everybody is banged up right now.

I will say this though, the problems on offense have been there all year. yes the loss of kyrie was huge and we probably win that game last night if he played.

but the problem is this team really doesn't play "fast" on offense. and what I mean by that is we're too determined to get the ball to the PG after a defensive rebound so he can walk up the court and get in a half-court set.

we have Jaylen brown, if we get a defensive rebound and he's at mid court or further give him the ball so he can use that athleticism and he might have to only worry about getting around 1 or 2 guys.

obviously we don't want to turn the ball over and don't want to be throwing the ball all over the place but we're wasting 4-6 secs. on the shot clock on these plays we're we insist on getting the ball to the PG.

this would also help the 2nd unit if we didn't play this way.
I'm convinced this is why they lost the NOP game, they easily could have "outrun" them.  However, Philly can play up-tempo and it really helps them with Simmons being a non-shooter and JJ being out entirely.
Revolution / Soccer / Re: 2017-18 EPL Season
« Last post by Somebody on Today at 08:32:18 AM »
Mr. Who (or is it Dr. Who?!), since Conte appears to be in his last season as Chelsea manager, what would you think of Allegri replacing him?
Oh yeah. I was very impressed by how Allegri improved Juve in Europe after taking over from Conte whose teams underachieved in Europe.

Conte is still doing a lot right at Chelsea. I would be happy to see him stay on at Chelsea. He just needs to open that attack up some more. Overly defensive minded over last few months.
Welp possibility of a 2 year transfer ban on Chelsea, hope you guys get through this if it happens, league is worse without Chelsea being competitive.
Revolution / Soccer / Re: 2017-18 EPL Season
« Last post by Somebody on Today at 08:31:38 AM »
Yoki if the Sanchez transfer goes through can he help us by playing at RW? We currently have a hole a that position and I hope an Arsenal fan can fill me out on Sanchez. Also you'll love Micki, he didn't fit in well with Man U but he'll be great in Arsenal.
Around the NBA / Re: Kahwi Leonard out indefinitely
« Last post by Moranis on Today at 08:27:10 AM »
and yet the Spurs keep right on winning. 
Yet again, for a majority of Americans (I include a significant number of Trump voters here), take these awards for what they are: a bit of fun from a reality-show guy, who seriously lacks mature or sophisticated retortive rhetoric, and - to be fair - has taken a battering from some left-leaning outlets, some of it quite unnecessary and cheap (although no different from how right-leaning outlets constantly criticized Obama, by the way).

But the insane danger, which is underestimated at peril, is how much this seriously emboldens worldwide despots: lunatics who think they are owed something by their people, and have a God-given right to govern. From Astana to Kinshasa, fro Luanda to Zagreb - and every other nation struggling to fight corruption and hidden deals, this is a dream come true. The whole reason we know about Hillary's alleged corrupt deal with Rosatom is because of a free press. Millions will suffer as a result of his pathetic child-like attacks on the media. The legacy of leaders who will cement hereditary power backed by a modern military, and held to little or no account, will forever be remembered as getting a turbo boost under his presidency.

Whole thing is disgusting.
Around the NBA / Re: Durant should be West Captain
« Last post by Moranis on Today at 08:26:09 AM »

I mean he is obviously at least the second best player in the league,

I don't think so.  I would say Harden.  In a straight up choice it's close, but in MVP and yes, in the load they carry for their teams, Harden has as big time lead.
MVP and best player in the league are no where near the same thing.  Harden is definitely a MVP candidate, but he is nowhere near the best player in the league. 
Celtics Talk / Re: What was that?
« Last post by td450 on Today at 08:25:57 AM »
Smart, Rozier and Larkin combined for 4 assists in 77 minutes.
Celtics Talk / Re: What was that?
« Last post by Birdman on Today at 08:14:29 AM »
Just show u what a great player Irving is..when he's out Celtics have a 5% chance of winning
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