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Welcome to Boston, Bob.  To be honest, the more blunders you make, the harder I will defend you.  If you prove to be cut from the same cloth as the greats that came before you - Nate, Delonte, Sheed, Ricky - you will have at least one fan for life. 
Celtics Talk / Re: Williams vs Ayton (full game)
« Last post by DefenseWinsChamps on Today at 04:26:55 PM »
My summary.

First half:
- He had a faceup jay from 18 that missed, but the form looked alright.
- He denied the post entry pass to Ayton twice, both times forcing a turnover.
- He stripped Ayton on a post move once, forcing a turnover.
- He had a nice high low post entry pass to his frontcourt teammate for an easy score.
- He switched out to a guard, was initially beat, and then recovered for a pretty amazing block.
- He got physical with Ayton multiple times to force Ayton off his spot and deny the post entry pass. Ayton's low point total was at least partially because of Williams defense.
- He ended the first half on a pretty awesome play when his offensive player was trying to pick him as his teammate tried to drive. Williams was able to detach himself from the pick and block the driver's shot. He kept the block in bounds, which in my mind always counts a turnover (even if it doesn't with normal stats).
- He was open multiple times for lob dunks when his front court partner received the post entry pass, but his front court partner made the read too slow and the help defense recovered.
- He set pretty lazy screens, but the players he set screens for did not even try to use him correctly. This partially seemed like the result of a mechanical and ineffective set they were running.
- He stayed active most of the time. His energy was there on both sides of the ball. That doesn't mean he was effective, but I didn't see a lazy player. My read was that he wasn't in the the right spots, but this is the only full game I've watched of their team and coaching.

Second half
- He had a pick and short pop jay from 15 that missed, but the form looked alright.
- He hedged on defense on a screen one play, and when the wing dropped down onto Ayton, he reacted really quickly to fade out to the wing's man on the sideline. The wing left Ayton, which almost resulted in an easy alley-oop. What I liked was how quickly and instinctually Williams went from hedging to getting back to Ayton on the roll, to fading out to the wing. Whether that play would have been the wing's fault or William's fault on the miscommunication, I don't know.
- Ayton got the ball in the post and made a nice up and under on Williams. Would have liked to seen more fight to force him into a tougher shot.
- Williams turned it over on a post entry pass to his frontcourt mate. It was a low pass, but I think the frontcourt mate should have caught it.
- More meh screens. I don't think coaching or his guards helped him with this. One good thing was that it did appear like Williams was trying to make contact with the defender on the screens, even if his teammate wasn't rubbing shoulders.
- Williams got backscreened that opened Ayton to receive the post pass, make a move, and pass it off to his front court mate for an easy score. This looks like a miscommunication from his teammates -- not Williams fault. He did try to recover.
- He had a tough catch as he was moving backward toward the rim, with a quick turn and layup. It was an awkward offensive play, but it showed his agility and hands.
- Inconsistent box outs. He did some, especially when Ayton was in the game, but other times he didn't find a body when the ball went up.
- Impressive box out and ball-tracking against Arizona's other frontcourt player.
- He failed to deny the ball on Arizona's other frontcourt player. The player used a dropstep with a strong chicken wing to knock Williams back. He went up for the hook and a foul was called on Williams' teammate (Williams had a clean block even though he was knocked back).
- He made a tough high-low post entry pass from the free throw line that resulted in a foul.
- He had a nice early seal in the paint that resulted in a made right-handed hook shot.
- HE got a good loose-ball rebound using his length and jumping over the other Arizona front court player.
- He twice had an opposing driver dead to rights, ready to block their shots, but they were bailed out by cheap, lazy fouls by Williams teammates.
- Pretty helpside block on Trier that stayed in bounds and Texas AM got the ball back.
- He had one possession with two offensive rebounds, but an off-balance attempted put-back that missed. He kicked out the second one.
- Later on in the half he pushed the other Arizona front court player off the block well multiple possessions.
- He tipped away a post entry pass into Ayton as a helpside defender. He tried to collect it and start the fast break, but was out of bounds. HE WAS HYPED UP AFTER THIS PLAY.
- Arizona went on their last push when Williams went out of the game immediately after the previous play.
- Good activity onball defense on an inbounds pass that forced an Arizona timeout. HE WAS HYPED UP AFTER THIS PLAY.

Overall Impressions
- He played to his competition. He took it as a personal challenge against Ayton, but was not as engaged against the other Arizona frontcourt player.
- He played better the longer he was in the game both halfs. This could be a rhythm thing.
- I counted 5 times total where Williams was trying to load up for an alley-oop, but his teammates couldn't/wouldn't make the pass.
- Overall, I was impressed with his energy and competitiveness.
- He was the best athlete on the floor.
- Overall, I was frustrated with the Texas AM offensive system. It lacked rhythm, good looks, or complexity.
I wouldn't sign Baynes for more than his non bird offer which is around $5 mill. I would sign Howard with the taxpayer MLE which is also around 5 mill. I think there are enough minutes for both, especially if Marcus moves on which I expect.
Anyhow, God I hope this pans out. If he's nearly as good as the Robert Parish, can we call him the Little Chief?
I prefer his Mom's knickname for him.

Boo Butt.

Not bad ;D, but I've got a new one for him - phone home ::).

 ;D ;D ;D

Sister should just start calling him CC.

He'll be like, "what does that mean?"

"Conference call. You missed a conference call, again."

Lol, happy 500th TP for that one ;D.
The Draft / Re: Celtics draft grades: A+ By CBS Sports
« Last post by Monkhouse on Today at 04:24:07 PM »
Finally!  We replaced what we lost with Jordan Mickey!

Danny has finally advanced to taking 6'9" big men instead of 6'8" big men.  It's a big day

I'm so proud of him.
Current Events / Political Discussion / Re: Stephen Miller
« Last post by Quetzalcoatl on Today at 04:23:13 PM »

I'm hard pressed to think of a normal person to whom this can appeal. Here's where we are right now:

Here is how Fox News is covering Stephen Miller in the news the last week:

Here are Fox News' stellar ratings:

Now go read the comment sections in those articles to see how about 40% of our country thinks.  A big swath of our country is being brain washed by rich people so that they can put through legislation that will make them richer.  They are taking those riches from the poor and middle class.  Immigration is an easy way to pit people against other people, so they play that up to get their base worked up.  Simple as that.
Revolution / Soccer / Re: 2018 World Cup
« Last post by Who on Today at 04:22:20 PM »
Fantastic goals by Musa for Nigeria. The first one was an incredible first touch on the cross to setup the half volley. Brilliant touch and technique. And the second was pure speed to beat his marker and super composure in the box to round the keeper and create the right angle against the defenders rushing the goal line.

Worth checking out the highlights if you missed the game (as I did).

Especially for the first goal. Pure class.
The Draft / Re: Celtics draft grades: A+ By CBS Sports
« Last post by Quetzalcoatl on Today at 04:19:21 PM »
Finally!  We replaced what we lost with Jordan Mickey!

Danny has finally advanced to taking 6'9" big men instead of 6'8" big men.  It's a big day
Celtics Talk / Re: If not Smart. Then Who?
« Last post by saltlover on Today at 04:15:23 PM »
No one is going to have money to offer for Smart.

Dallas needs to spend its money on a Center.

Brooklyn just ate up their cap space with the Howard trade.

The Lakers and Rockets have bigger fish to fry.

Smart doesn't make sense for the Bulls or Sixers. I don't think he makes sense for the Kings either due to Fox in the backcourt.

That only leaves the Hawks. They could pair Young with Smart, which makes a lot of sense. With Evans, Bradley, Payton, KCP, Ellington, Van Fleet, Harris, Exum, and more also available, I'm not sure he makes the most sense for a rebuilding team.

Are the Hawks really willing to invest that much money in a non-shooter? Doesn't he make more sense on a playoff team.

After the teams I listed above, there are no other teams that would be looking for his services that would be willing to pay him more than the MLE.

Seriously, the only team I could see being able to offer him money is the Hawks. Otherwise, either he signs for 8-9 million a year, or accepts his QO and plays one more season.

Pacers could go hard at Smart.

EDIT: saltlover beat me to it lol.

Kevin Pritchard said the team plans to bring back starting point guard Darren Collison. His contract ($10M) becomes guaranteed on July 1.

“Everything is so fluid but at the end of the day, we said our top six, seven guys we wanted to have back. And then make additions."

Scratch that, you can take the Pacers out of the running most likely.

They are going to re-sign Darren Collison, which will definitely eat into some of their cap. B/R on Pacers reported that they are trying to have enough back up insurance at the 1/2.

Would say Mavs/Hawks could maybe go after Smart, I still think if Mavs miss out on Boogie, they could potentially try to go after someone like Len for a few million, and use the rest on Mavericks.


Isn't that bad of a start. Still they are going to need some serious upgrades to make any noise.

Collison has 1-year left at $10 million, is 30, and is perfectly complimentary with Smart.  His contract is included when talking about their cap space.  The Pacers will not forego a long-term deal with Marcus because they have a year left of Collison on the roster.

Thing is why do they even need Smart? They need a PF to replace Young, don't they?

My cap projection for them assumes that Young picks up his player option and they waive Al Jefferson and his partially guaranteed deal.  Even if Young opts out, he’s expected to resign there, and I doubt he’d get significantly more than the $13.3 million he’s scheduled to make next season.  He might get a little less, but at more years.  So, no, I don’t think they’ll need to replace Young, and if they do, they’ve got another $13 million to do it with.
If RW3 overslept the day after the draft that's okay with me.

I still remember the day after the draft that the Celtics took Len Bias.

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