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That's gotta hurt for Gerald. First to worst.

Tough, but he's gotta know he's not about to be a real part of a decent team until his current contract is up. 

Gerald Wallace got a lot of money from his current contract, but he should be a cautionary tale to some players on decline -- know what you're getting into when you sign a big money, long term contract that is likely to last longer than your game.
I think this is an under the radar reason why some free agents balk at signing with the celtics.

It seems ridiculous, but some players, especially bigger name players this day in age, their number is part of their brand and/or can hold some sort of superstitious effect on them.

Patriots / Football / Re: #DeflateGate
« Last post by Celtics4ever on Today at 05:23:02 PM »
To underscore here -- the NFL has no right or power to do those things because they failed to bargain for that power in the most recent CBA.  If the NFL wants to be able to compel players to turn over evidence and punish them for failure to comply with such requests, they need to bargain for it.

For not having power, it seems they made an example of Brady pretty much at will.   I know Kraft is mad, but face it, a lot of owners probably love watching him squirm, and I see them backing Goodell who serves at all the owners behest.   The Pats are generally seen as cheaters who got away with it, recall the play stealing scandal perhaps?   I live well outside of Boston and people here in Cincinnati are loving it and posting stuff on facebook about how great it was Brady got caught, being a C's fan I kind of like the Pats, I defintely do not like the Bungles (Bengals).

But I still the NFL as a whole as a lot more powerful than you.   They are not bound by law.   They can do whatever they want as long as the owners stick together.
Interesting to see what "draft considerations" turns into.
Patriots / Football / Re: #DeflateGate
« Last post by KeepRondo on Today at 05:21:39 PM »
Do people still think Brady was innocent in this whole thing or that nothing ever happened?

The only thing that should be contested is the penalty being too harsh but Brady does deserve some kind of penalty.
Celtics Talk / Re: Isaiah vs Kyrie - scary close
« Last post by emajic1 on Today at 05:17:59 PM »
Kyrie is a mega talent, and as such is more valuable.  It's the subtle parts of the game that are keeping him from becoming a superstar (as well as injuries).  If he puts it together, watch out.

That's the thing: he's 22 and still has room to grow.

This is unfortunately what CelticsBlog people focus on, and not whether that makes his team better.

I'm not saying it makes him a better player, but rather a more valuable asset. I still think Isaiah is criminally underrated and Kyrie is fairly overrated.

Yes Max.  IT is one of the best values/contracts in the league period.  I am looking forward to see him thrive in the Celtics team environment where is is truly respected and wanted.  I think Ainge has always coveted him, and that he has very little chance of being traded. 
That's gotta hurt for Gerald. First to worst.
Patriots / Football / Re: #DeflateGate
« Last post by footey on Today at 05:11:41 PM »
Nope it's because I actually have read everything including both court filings and the report cover to back.  I suggest you do the same.  He devil is in the details, regardless of he nfl wanting to reduce it to headlines.

And you and other Patriots fans have interpreted it the way you (plural) wanted. I've seen those interpretations in this thread. They're quite amusing.

Evidence is that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.

If you have yet to see any - as per your assertion - then you simply don't understand the word. You may not believe such evidence; you may think that the evidence gathered is sufficient enough to warrant the punishment; you may be swayed by other evidence that refutes the assertions in the Wells report; but in the end there is evidence - a considerable amount in fact -  that the Patriots and Tom Brady conspired to cheat by deflating footballs.

I'm a New England sports fan. But I also believe in playing by the rules. I think the preponderance of the evidence suggest that the Patriots didn't play by the rules and quite possibly "won" another tainted Super Bowl because they cheated (again). At this point, the Patriots can enjoy the rings but history will always remember that they were "won" because they were cheating (hence the quotes). That's sad. What's worse is that I find the excuses made by the fans just as sad. The ends do not justify the means.

Now, back to the points at hand. I said that Kraft would accept his penalty. He did. I said Brady would get suspended. He did. Now I am saying I think Brady will lose in court. And should he do so, I think that will reflect poorly on his legacy. He could have meekly taken the penalty without admitting his guilt and he probably would have had his penalty reduced to two games. He would have gotten a pass for just being a team player and "taking one for the team". This saga would be over and done with. And frankly with a weak AFC East the Patriots could have gotten by without him for two games. But by fighting this, he creates a disruption for the team and uncertainty going into the season. Should he lose - which I think is the more likely scenario - he hurts the team and his own legacy far worse than he would have otherwise. If Brady loses in court, the Patriots start out 1-3 and end up missing the playoffs at 9-7 or 10-6, his image in Boston will never be the same.

No offense here, but I highly doubt you are a NE Patriots fan, because if you were, you would not make that statement.  Don't need to be to express your opinions, but when you said you are a New England sports fan, does that include the Pats?  Or are you being cute with your language??

How does this make any sense? Granath is qualifying his statement by saying that he's a Patriots fan -- in essence avoiding the particular critique that you are making of his post.

I feel like knowing where posters stand relative to the Pats is fairly important to how you contribute to this conversation. For example both eja and Donghus's contributions are undoubtedly colored by the fact that they're Pats fans, whereas I am gleefully indifferent to the Patriots (and NFL teams in general). That doesn't do anything to affect the validity of anyone's statements, though.

He said he was a New England sports fan, not a Patriots fan.  A Boston Celtic fan is a New England sports fan.  The fact that he was put much stock on the Wells Report; I just don't know anyone who looks at it critically--and every Pats fan I know has---would give it as much credence as he does in his comments.

 But my comment was reactive, did not add to the dialogue/debate. I probably should not have even made the point. Apologies to Granath for even going there. It doesn't matter whether he is a Pats fan or not.

Man, I am so messed up about Deflategate!!!
Patriots / Football / Re: #DeflateGate
« Last post by knuckleballer on Today at 05:09:24 PM »

I don't understand how the NFL front office telling lies that harm a team and HOF player (or any player) and refusing to correct those lies isn't a bigger story.  Nor do I understand how so many people after seeing these lies give the league more credibility than a player with no history of that kind of behavior.
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