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AB shouldn't ever play point guard ......passing and ball control is awful .   His defense and being a crafty scorer should be his concentration of skills.  He isn't a vocal leader on court .  He doesn't have the correct skills of,the job .  Smart is natural for this position .
He might as well stay on the Celtics ...anywhere he goes in the east ....he might win more games , but he won't overcome LeBrons parade for at least another three years when LeBrons starts to,wane.

If he likes the C's he might as well stay ..... Going to another eastern team will just wear him out and he won't be able to beat the Cavs .

Going to West is best option past the C's ...but where besides the a Rockets .

Things are just how their are ...unbalanced right now .....west full of good players ......East has LeBron controlling the eastern contender .

He might as well hang around ...get a near max contract from Celtics.
Celtics Talk / Re: Tank City USA - Boston
« Last post by Moranis on Today at 08:12:02 AM »
I mean he clearly has talent, he was a McDonald's All American.  He was recruited by a major school.  He played well at said major school.  He then played well in the pros as a rookie, leading his entire draft class in minutes, points, rebounds, and assists.  No matter how weak the draft class, not many players can do that, especially when they compare favorably to some of the best players in history as a rookie.

When Tony Allen was a rookie, he was 23 years old and the Celtics won 45 games.  His per 36 stats for that season were...

14 points
.475 from the field
.387 from 3
6.3 rebounds
1.8 assists
2.2 steals
.7 blocks
2.2 turnovers

Anybody think that young TA couldn't have put up something close to those numbers if he'd been on a horrible team where he got to play all the time?

Now, I don't think MCW is just like TA but you can't just dismiss the whole "played on a crappy team so he could put up stats", "comparatively old and therefore more developed than most NBA rookies" and "weakest draft class in a decade" stuff.  That matters when you're evaluating MCW.

I agree - that stuff only gets dismissed by someone that doesn't want it to matter because it impacts their viewpoint.

Nothing against MCW but I don't think he'll be better than an average PG on a decent team.  IF Philly is lucky, he develops almost to the point of Mo Cheeks talent but I don't see it happening.
Tony Allen played 16.4 minutes a game.  MCW played 34.5.  You can round a guy up a couple of minutes, you can't more than double a guy.  That isn't a clear picture (Allen was of particular a fouling machine often with 4 or 5 fouls in 20 minutes of game action - he even fouled out of a game with just 8 minutes of playing time).  Allen played in just 3 games where he played over 30 minutes and was pretty much no where near those per 36 numbers in those games except for rebounds and steals.

You have to at least be fairly close in your comparisons or you just look silly.
I can't decide what Danny is going to do......but I m beginning to,think he is just isn't trying to build to win now at all.........he is laying back letting assets come his way...not forcing the issue..why ? .....because LeBron and his flying circus controls the favorite in the east .   

LeBrons talent level just upsets the Apple cart .

Cavs were  awful and basement dweller with little or no hope...then bang first pick , LeBron steps on the team and they are instant contender ....spending assets to overcome his talent is kinda waste of energy .  Eventually a really young good center will be taken by the Celtics ....Danny is waiting on the draft to strike center gold and LeBron s era play out.

Some how I just don't think C's will make noise again till Wallace is history , and LeBrons reign. Ends .
Or he gives up in the east and moves out to LA to finish his career.
Interesting article on Turner playing point for the Pacers.  Small sample size for sure, so who knows..

...and that article just made me less happy.

Why? Looks like the defensive impact was phenomenal, and his offensive contribution should improve with more time there in his team's system, but his OR is already well above Pressey's.
Fantasy Sports and Games / Re: Pick A Player Total Yards Game
« Last post by thirstyboots18 on Today at 07:26:31 AM »
i wanna play!!!!
I want you to play!  So...pick someone and play!
Red Sox / MLB / Re: 2014 MLB Playoffs
« Last post by Donoghus on Today at 07:24:40 AM »
Just woke up and saw KC came back and won. Wow.

Good for that city. 29 years is a looooomg time between playoff appearances.
I like the move keeping AB off the point I think that will be the Cs plan for the future. Especially if that future is without Rondo. Smart is a point with just enough size to guard the 2. This will allow AB to be unleashed on apposing PGs. I really like playing Turner as a pg, that is the position that made him the 2nd pick in the draft.
The Draft / Re: Rudy Gobert
« Last post by CFAN38 on Today at 07:17:38 AM »
He had a good game when it mattered but here are this stats for the league

One good game doth not a player make, just ask Exum.

t Gobert is the real deal.

He rebounded well with 5 points.  He only scored five points and had one block.   Not like he played well enough to be the second coming.  Got to love CelticsBlog kneejerk reactions, LOL.

I think Spain shooting 2-22 from three point land hurt them more than Gobert.  Heurtel and Diaw always kept them with scoring.   But Spains poor three pointing shooting killed them and Gobert did step up with some boards and a key tap.   But you make him sound like Wilt Chamberlain which wasn't exactly what I saw in the game.

I still think he has NBA back up written all over him.

I just read this from a couple of weeks ago, I dont think there is a knee-jerk reaction on Gobert. His stat like is 5pt 5rb 1blk in 16min in a tournament where he is probably one of the (if not the) youngest bigs getting minutes. Im not saying he is the second coming for Russell or even Mutumbo for that matter but I do think he at least hits the same level as Sanders or maybe Chandler. Not bad for a late 1st round pick..
AB will always be a player who will never be starting on a good team. So he can start here for as long as he wants and can, as long as the team is trash like it is at the moment.

I still don't understand how people get this idea in their heads, because it just makes no rational sense to me.

How many championships did the Lakers win with Derek Fisher as their starting PG?

How many championships did the Spurs win with Bruce Bowen as their starting SF?

How many championships did Miami win with Shane Battier as their starting SF/PF?

How many championships did Chicago with guys like Luke Longley, Bill Wennington and Will Purdue as starting centers?

Do people around here really and truly believe that Avery Bradley is more skilled and talented then any one of those guys?  Was Perkins any more skilled/talented then Bradley when we won the title in 2008?

People here have this unrealistic expectation that if you want to win a championship, every single player on your starting lineup needs to be a start or a borderline star...that's not how it works.

actually that is my point lol......if AB was to become Derek Fisher , he would ultimately be a 8 per game scorer on 40% shooting

but even he cannot do that, because HE IS NOT A POINT GUARD. Fisher is. As attrocious and hideous as Fisher's numbers look.

AB cannot do what he does on other teams AS A STARTER, he is worth this much only because everyone around him is barely or not better than he is.
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