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DKC Draft / Re: DKC Trading Block Thread
« Last post by mkogav on Today at 10:45:46 AM »
Willing to discuss Chris Copeland.

Around the NBA / Re: why isn't Love getting same flack as Howard ?
« Last post by GreenWarrior on Today at 10:45:23 AM »
 - Love isn't a tool
 - Howard left a playoff team
 - Love would be stupid to sign an extension now
 - Howard's not a guy who deserves the attention he was asking for
Cleveland with Love?  Cleveland....probably.

Cleveland without Love?  Washington

I also disagree with OP regarding Chicago.  If Bulls get even a 70% Rose and CLE doesn't get Love, they're my favorite in the East.   If Cavs do get Love, I still think Chicago has a legitimate shot of beating them in the playoffs.   They would also take down Washington.
Around the NBA / Re: why isn't Love getting same flack as Howard ?
« Last post by saltlover on Today at 10:40:01 AM »
Howard also went back-and-forth over his option multiple times -- he helped create the drama.  Love's side has been pretty clear that he wants to preserve his right to opt out -- the media/teams wanting to trade for him have made it the issue.

I've given up on Love coming here, but I do think Danny was smart from a player-relationship sense of getting out in front of this early in saying he'd have no problem in trading for a player who could become a free agent in a year.  It likely won't work, but if by some miraculous reason Love arrives in Boston because everyone else got scared he'd opt out...  **Hits self in head remembering to give up on Love**
I disagree with much of the OP...

Gortat does not have the miles on him that other big men do at his age thanks to his time behind Howard in Orlando. He excels with passing point guards and he will continue to be a 14-10-1.5 force in the middle for them.

Nene is under contract for two more seasons - they are in no rush to reward him with a new one.

Pierce is a solid veteran on a short term contract when they didn't have any other options. Plus it gives them flexibility to chase Durant in two years which is a rumor that has been picking up steam. If KD can't win one in OKC in the next two years, he could look for a new opportunity and DC is reportedly high on his list thanks to his local ties and the promising play of Wall and Beal.

Wall is one of the Top PGs in the game and is only 23 years old. With his maturity, experience, leadership, and talent level around him all growing - not sure why you'd expect DC to suffer. I think they are only going to get better.

Wizards = chances of treadmill to mediocrity = 85%

Paying Gortat big money was a mistake. Going after a 36 year old Pierce was a mistake. Wall already on big money. Beal due a big extension in near future. Odds are they are going to pay Nene new contract which will put them over the top and doom them to a treadmill status.

Lack of a long term plan in Washington.

 I actually like moves the Wizards have made.  They are really banking on the maturation and improvement by 20 year old Beal and 23 year old Wall.  Otto Porter might also come around. Surrounding these young guys with veterans will not only help them win now, but help them learn the game and develop as well.

Agreed -- they've essentially gone the Portland route by proving to Wall and Beal that they're not afraid, or too inept, to put a playoff team around them (remember when LaMarcus was sitting with one foot out the door?). Teams are terrified of being Kevin Love'd by their precocious superstars.

Washington are just postponing that from happening. Not stopping it.

Like Denver with Melo or Orlando with Dwight. Setting their teams up to be very good but not quite good enough + facing a rebuilding process right when young stars hit their peak years.

Sure, but the CBA is designed to keep a team's best player in place, by virtue of the sheer amount of money that the home team can offer vs. outside contracts. It takes a special set of screwed up circumstances (see: Dwight + Los Angeles or Love + Minny) to make a star player ditch their alma mater, as it were.

Who knows what that situation will look like post-2017, but as of now, the Wizards would most likely have to completely implode for them to lose Wall + Beal.
DKC Draft / Re: DKC League: General Commentary
« Last post by DKC Insider on Today at 10:35:52 AM »
DKC Insider Free Agency Report 7-29-14

@DKCInsider 10m
Spencer Hawes made clear his top priority was to win. The big man will join the Memphis Grizzlies this year, inking a 4yr, 10mil deal.

@DKCInsider 8m
Stuckaaaaaaaay likes what KGK is doing in LAL. The Heir to Born Ready signs with the Lakers on a 3-year, $9m deal.

@DKCInsider 7m
Granger still thinks he can hold starting role; will join the Warriors at 2yrs, $7mil.

@DKCInsider 5m
Evan Turner to join Milwaukee Bucks at 3yrs, 13.5m. Looks to bounce back this season.

@DKCInsider 3m
Detailed FA decision-making can be found here:

@DKCInsider 2m
Sry for lack of creativity. Y'all don't want to hear me, you just want to dance.
Rondo to lead the league in assists, triple doubles and Steals! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN! Marcus Smart to scoop both the ROY and the SMOY awards!   SOMEBODY SAY AMEN! Avery Bradley makes NBA Defensive 1st team! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN! James Young shoots the Maine Red Claws to a D-League title! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN!

Around the NBA / Re: why isn't Love getting same flack as Howard ?
« Last post by Clench123 on Today at 10:32:20 AM »
Because his team doesn't win enough to warrant the same level of critique, and he's a fairly sympathetic character who hasn't driven away all the best elements of his Finals-worthy team, unlike Dwight.

Kevin Love's never been on a "good team" in real life, just on paper, and he's not outwardly childish or otherwise annoying.
I'll go with this. Also people feel more sorry for people that live in Minnesotta than people that live in Orlando or LA

lol.  That's funny. 
I actually think Washington could be a real contender depending on how Wall and Beal develop.  They aren't ever going to be one of those consistent contenders like San Antonio, Miami and Boston, etc., but I could certainly see them in the Orlando (with Dwight) mold, which is a lot different than Atlanta has been.
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