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Around the NBA / Re: The Wolves waive J.J. Barea. Mavs sign barea
« Last post by D.o.s. on Today at 01:28:10 PM »
Dallas is getting the band back together 3 years too late.
Brooklyn IS awful.
Yeah, without Lopez I don't see this squad working like last years did.

The point wasn't to compare this team's to last year, or argue that they're equal or better. Just an affirmation that without Lopez, they have nearly the squad that took them to the playoffs last year, to the 2nd round.

The point was that they still have talent on that team. And the dismissiveness of Johnson and Williams is unneeded.

Johnson had a monster playoffs performance and Williams is healthier than he's looked in the last handful of years, and that can't be ignored, who also had a strong preseason.

Garnett looked very good yesterday as well, hitting jumpers without problems, getting to the paint and doing some very good moves, getting into position, etc.

And as mentioned Jarret Jack is very good off the bench, no need to ignore his skill set as different as it may be from Livingstons.

The main problem yesterday for Brooklyn was other than playing against the Celtics who had their number all preseason, was coaching & rotation. For example, underplaying Kirilenko and Teletovic when they were hurting for PF play yesterday.

But we don't have to go to the extremes to downplay the Celtics' performance, which was the main gist of it all.
Celtics Talk / Re: i don't give a rat's backside about.....
« Last post by pearljammer10 on Today at 01:21:44 PM »
As I keep saying, we may not be very good in the wins loss column, but at least we are going to young, athletic, and exciting, something we havent seen in quite sometime.
Brooklyn IS awful.
Yeah, without Lopez I don't see this squad working like last years did.
We are one more big away (post skills, shot blocker) to complete the front court lineup for the long run
If that's the lineup "for the long run", we're in bigger trouble than I thought.
DKC Draft / Re: DKC League: Open for Bidness
« Last post by Lucky17 on Today at 01:16:18 PM »
Pants, check your PMs, please.
Celtics Talk / Re: Smart's chances at ROY
« Last post by foulweatherfan on Today at 01:16:04 PM »
Not great, he's not likely to start or score many points.  He'll get a lot of respect around the league though, I'll bet.
Brooklyn IS awful.
We are one more big away (post skills, shot blocker) to complete the front court lineup for the long run

And Ainge has all the ammo needed to jump on that BIG when the time presents itself.  He's set us up pretty darn well.
Celtics Talk / Re: We are going to be better than people think
« Last post by kozlodoev on Today at 01:13:26 PM »
Unfortunately, being a Celtics' fan in Oklahoma I've had a hard time all off-season convincing my friends that Boston will be a playoff team this year. I'm keeping my expectations tempered, but I did send out a mass text last night letting everyone know the score. I will be making my annual trip to Dallas next Monday to proudly wear my Rondo jersey and support Boston. If anyone is around that area and going to the game I hope to see you there.
Yes, it's generally hard to convince people in something that's not very likely. Sure, a 20+ point win against a dysfunctional squad missing their best player is nice. However, the problems remain.

1. Rondo can't shoot. Not from three, not from outside of 15 feet, and not from the free throw line. After another season with no visible progress whatsoever, I think it's time to accept that he is what he is at this point.
2. No go-to scoring in the starting lineup.
3. No players that can create reliably create their own shot in the clutch.

Sure, it seems that unlike last season, we no longer have to play guys that are not NBA caliber players at this stage of their careers (e.g. Pressey, Wallace), but that's only moderately reassuring.
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