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Around the NBA / Re: more Embiid work ethic problems
« Last post by LarBrd33 on Today at 03:44:54 AM »
I think he's going to be a superstar long-term.   I think it was just frustrating for him not being able to play basketball.  He's been fine the last couple months.  Will be exciting to see him in summer league.  It will not take long to shut up the naysayers who desperately want to compare him to Greg Oden.

You realize you have probably posted this 50 times. We get it, you like him and Noel. They are going to be great and elite

I think Noel is going to be a very, very good player. I am very high on him and I think he has proven a lot already.

I find it hard to get excited about Embiid though given the multiple injuries he has already suffered and some of these criticisms about his work-ethic and character. That foot injury is scary. Same one that Big Z, McHale, Walton and Yao all had. He had a back injury in college too. Worrying place to get an injury.

So I am taking more of a wait and see approach with Embiid vs Noel who I am sold on.

I hope it works out for Embiid though. Sick at how many talented centers have had their careers wrecked by injuries over last 10 years. League needs more top talent centers.
Total waste of time to argue about it.  This will all be a moot point in a couple months when summer league starts.  If everything I've read about Embiid is accurate, I think he's got a shot at rookie of the year.  Scouts said he was by far the best prospect in the 2014 draft and some felt he should have been taken 1st regardless of the injury.  The fact that he showed up late to rehab a couple times and gained a few pounds during his recovery means very little to me.  That's the mark of a kid who was frustrated that he couldn't play basketball.  He was dealing with a lot.  New country, brother died at the start of the season, and he couldn't use basketball as an outlet.

I get why people want to compare him to previous busts, but I think that narrative is too convenient.   Kid is going to be a beast.   I'm not going to be shocked to see Philly in the playoffs within two years.   Let's see how he looks in Summer league.
Celtics Talk / Marcus Smart
« Last post by ashanm10 on Today at 03:37:25 AM »
This guy to me is a beast and a player with ridiculous upside if he works every single day like its the last one! I wanted Kevin O'Connor to give me his thoughts but I also want to hear everyone on this too! So this is what I sent him!

What do you guys think! :D ? Thank you for the replies, I am new here XD Ahsan, 21, from Greece XD Yo xD (Support Panathinaikos BC if anyone knows European Basketball xD )
Celtics Talk / Re: Best Defenders in the NBA vs. Celtic Defenders
« Last post by pokeKingCurtis on Today at 03:31:09 AM »
Well done.

This actually fits into how KO's real plus or minus (or was it plus or minus) is highest on our team. He's not the quickest or the most springy, but the dude hustles hard. Not the sexiest defender but he gets the job done. Plus, he also defends second stringers so that may have inflated his stats a little more. Still, KO's my boy.
Welcome to CelticsBlog! / Welcome to CelticsBlog ashanm10!
« Last post by CelticsBlog Staff on Today at 03:27:30 AM »

We are pleased that you have decided to become a member of CelticsBlog and we hope you enjoy your time with us here.

Please introduce yourself and tell us bit about yourself.

- Your amigo Edgar, and the rest of the CelticsBlog staff
Celtics Talk / Re: Best Defenders in the NBA vs. Celtic Defenders
« Last post by ImShakHeIsShaq on Today at 03:13:29 AM »
There are to many things going on on the court for these stats to tell who the actual best defender is. I bet the guys who rated as the best, no one would choose them as the best, except for them but that would be egos talking.

Really, how many of the best coaches in the world would choose KD or Curry to defend the best player at their positions if they had their pick of the best? I would put good money on no one choosing them.

I give the side-eye to any stats that suggest they are the best defenders at their position. Going to need a whole lot of stats to convince me they are the best, that and drugs/alcohol.

What a bum Pierce is.  He looks slimmer than ever before
at first i tought a laker troll barged in this thread, but then i saw you have 9k posts, are you serious dude?!

Its triboy, no real surprise there.

Btw Tommy Point for you sir!
What a loser lol  ::)

This year's champs wont be the Celtics, but Im pretty sure it would be from out West.
Maybe I'm over thinking the cap space and stars route. Let's see how Cavs match-up. If we get torched this series than think 2 max guys needed. If two games are close and one is a C's win then maybe Middleton and one max guy is enough to make the team a contender.

I agree we need 2 All Stars at a minimum. Middleton's production is close to All Star level and he's 23 years old. I didn't mention earlier that I agree with you I doubt we'd want to pay Middleton the max slot, but just something high enough that the Bucks won't match, say up to 16/17 million x 4 years.

I read your post on cap room and it's good. Keep in mind that guys like Bradley probably part of deals with that salary going out in order to sign one or two max players. This team isn't just keeping everyone and just adding max guys.

Contracts like Bradley, Thomas are designed to give teams who consider trading with us a value proposition who need salary coming back in that isn't complete dead weight with the picks we send them.
Ainge probably looks to move Bradley in any trade that acquires a star. The final year of his contract will be something like 8% of the cap, which would be pretty appealing to other GM's with a need for defense/3 point shooting/locker room culture in a rebuild.

But yeah I agree with you on the max slot. I just hope we consider Middleton as someone who could get that max slot one day and signing him to something solid now could be very valuable, and is never going to be overly detrimental.
13 hours away until payback time begins...

I just wish I could attend the game in person. My 4 month ban from Quicken Loans Arena isn't over until early May.

(It's a long story. Just know that 6 tall boy's and a poorly officiated game by Joey Crawford doesn't mix well with me.)

Does anyone have a doomsday clock? ;D
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