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Celtics Talk / Re: Media and Interviews.
« Last post by sunnyd656 on Today at 02:04:25 AM »
o and obv forgot Bruins goin down fools! DONT MESS THE THE NOTE.  ;D
Celtics Talk / Media and Interviews.
« Last post by sunnyd656 on Today at 02:03:32 AM »
Was looking through the best of Tommy and Mike after that post by Jeff. One thing that popped into my mind, sorta randomly granted, was I am a big time Blues fan. (Am from St. Louis.) They literally will not interview Tarasenko, arguably the blues' best player, because he does not like the camera. They did once, and it was absolutely terrible and you actually felt bad for a guy making millions of dollars.

Now it doesn't take a psychologist to realize people can't handle talking to a huge crowd, but I sometimes have heard the argument of how Rondo isn't a leader because of how he talks to the media. His particular interviews have jokes, sarcasm etc but you have to listen because his joking and 100% serious voice is exactly the same. (Not to mention his jokes are 110% terrible. AKA "no I haven't done that many pushups" after the Hump thing last year) Now, I hate and will not bring up "Did X do Y because of Z" especially including "Did Rondo give the pass to Green to get the Assist" (X Y X)

But, again I have heard multiple times of how Rondo talks to the media and cannot be a leader because of this. Does the media aspect ruin how we view our "role models"? Pretty sure there is a hour long documentary of all the things MJ did that would make us hate him this day of age.....Including punching Steve Kerr in the face during practice. Of course in retrospect this makes him MJ and why he's so great....... but if, say Lebron/KD did that today, would be murdered by Sportscenter and by fans alike. Pretty sure Kobe left for his vacation while the Lakers had a few games left, as if he hasn't done enough for then, and Media blew the hell up about it.

So, probably not the best subject for "Celtics Talk".......but is media ruining the simple thing of competitive sports in general? The simple thing of Interviews is now criticized by a word by word basis.
DKC Draft / Re: DKC League: Playoffs are here! Deets on POst #1
« Last post by rondoallaturca on Today at 02:03:13 AM »
Regarding DEN/LAC:

- Going small is going to benefit LAC. Sure, DEN could go small and put Barnes or Parsons at the 4 to pull out the defender, but Blake and Carroll can defend out to the perimeter just fine. However, on the flip side, DEN doesn't have anyone Blake couldn't abuse if they went small.

- LAC's frontcourt is a bit interesting. It intrigues me that they went with Turiaf/Bonner as rotation guys. In my opinion, both Blake and Jordan will likely have to be seeing near 40 minutes per game, and Reggie Evans seems to bring everything Turiaf does and then some. It would be smart to slide down Carroll, too.

- I think BG has it spot on when saying Koufos will need ~28 minutes. Vucevic is a finesse center who gets the double-doubles but can't provide much toughness down low. Koufos is the type of guy who gives Blake and DJ fits down low, and I think Denver absolutely needs to take advantage of that.

DJ is on DKC Orlando. The frontcourt combo is Griffin - Jefferson.

My apologies. I meant Jefferson.
Around the NBA / Re: The 2014 Playoffs thread
« Last post by Mazingerz on Today at 01:58:44 AM »
As much as I like pierce and kg I can't ever bring myself to support the nets. I really like Lowry/derozan and I just want to see the raptors do well.  The fact that the nets have their roots from New Jersey and everything about them just (bleeping bleeps)

Yup, me too. I can't bear to cheer on Deron Williams (his infamous exit from Utah still leaves a bitter taste for me). I want the both of them (KG and PP) back in any capacity with the Celtics organizaton after all of this is done.
The concept of Rondo on a bad team is not a hypothetical situation.  He was on a poor team at the start and he was on a worse team this past season.  In both cases, he did not perform at an all star level.  He did not appear to perform better because he was "featured" more.
I don't understand. It's indicative of something that he didn't perform at an All-Star level as a rookie and then coming off an ACL tear in the middle of the season with no training camp?  ???
I do think OKC should trade Westbrook, but they'll likely be in the hunt for an elite big rather than replacing him with Rondo.

interesting topic. All we have to go on is our own judgement but i would think that it would've take him longer to mature, both in terms of skills and attitude.

FWIW, i think there are a lot of talented PG's out there, on less heralded teams. Kyle Lowry has really come into his own. Goran Dragic is another amazing talent. If Rondo was on a random team, I think he would've joined these group of guys who will regularly be underrated by fans of other teams.

   Sure, by all the people who can't differentiate between someone who's a 4 time all-star, been on 4 all-defense teams and has been on or on the fringes of multiple all-nba teams from players his own age who have never even been all-stars. Sadly, there are plenty of those people out there. It's true those two are coming into their own, but they're doing it 4-5 years older than Rondo did.

the difference in where we're coming from is that I dont think Rondo would've been a 4-time all star, and all-defense as quickly. Eventually, most likely yes, because the talent is there. But as I said, I think it would've taken longer for his skills and attitude to mature.

  Rondo would have taken on a bigger role on offense earlier and have been putting up bigger stats when he was younger, plus you wouldn't have seen all the ridiculous claims that his success was due to playing with the big three. There were people here who noticed Rondo's skills (and the possibility that he'd become the player he did) during his first few rookie exhibition games. It's very unlikely that giving him a bigger role earlier in his career would have slowed his development.

Really? You think there's absolutely no possibility that he would've turned out like Kemba Walker-lite, without a jump shot but with an attitude problem? Rolling his eyes whenever there's a dropped pass? No one would be claiming his success would've been from the big 3 but how much success early on would he have really achieved?

The effect of vet leadership is unmistakeable on Rondo. He's almost like KG at times. To dismiss the tremendous effect the vets had on Rondo's career is beyond ridiculous.

Someone brought up DMC and I think that's a pretty good use case. Another good example is probably Josh Smith. And Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry. And again, Brandon Jennings. That you think he's only as good as Mario Chalmers is again, pretty ridiculous in my eyes.

Around the NBA / Re: brooklyn vs. toronto (bkn as our 2nd team to root)
« Last post by MISSERY on Today at 01:10:14 AM »
nets in 6 or 5
DKC Draft / Re: DKC League: Playoffs are here! Deets on POst #1
« Last post by IndeedProceed on Today at 12:52:39 AM »
I will pay someone 100 TPs to make an accurate xbox360 roster with the most recent updates of the DKC league and share it online. 100 TPs.
DKC Draft / Re: DKC League: Playoffs are here! Deets on POst #1
« Last post by Lucky17 on Today at 12:40:06 AM »
Well, I did not expect Washington to leave Chicago up 2-0.
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