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The Draft / Re: 2017 NBA Draft (Early Looks)
« Last post by tazzmaniac on Today at 12:16:25 PM »

good write up ... but so so ranking

Smith Jr. Has fallen down on my list... he plays great against so so teams...but against good ones, he hasn't looked so good.  Especially against UNC. That was a horror show.  His shooting is streaky, can't hit the pull up jumper... and while explosive/quite the athlete, when teams are waiting for him to drive, ,his lack of wingspan really shows its ugly colors

So imo he is at the same tier of pgs as Fox, Ntilikina

Also I question Tatum over Jackson....
Smith is below Fox and Ntilikina in my book.  He isn't in my top 10. 

Jackson is really hampered by his 3pt shooting 23.7% on 2.1 attempts and ft shooting 57% on 5.2 attempts.  He's also one of the oldest freshman.  I really like Jackson (defense, motor, passing) but it is hard to even project him becoming a halfway decent shooter.  That's going to hamper him on any team but especially ours.   Tatum, Isaac and even Bridges might be better for us if Jackson doesn't show significant improvement with his shooting.     
Fantasy Sports and Games / Re: Pick a Player Over/Under Points Game
« Last post by Humble G on Today at 12:13:36 PM »

Jan 21 Picks
Redz - Ray Felton, Clippers: 7.3
Humble G- Mareese Speights, Clippers: 10.2

Jan 20 Results
Redz - Garret Temple, Kings: 7.6/14= +6.4
Humble G- Kris Humphries, Hawks: 4.9/7= +2.1
Timdawgg- Matt Barnes- Kings 7.3/8= +0.7

Redz - Garret Temple, Kings
Redz - Michael Beasley, Bucks
Redz - Boogie Cousins, Kings
Redz - Austin Rivers, Clippers
Timdawgg- Joel Embiid, Sixers
Redz - Michael Carter-Williams, Bulls
MGent -Isaiah Thomas, Celtics

Thru 1/20/2017
Transaction Ideas and Rumors / Re: Carmelo to Boston (a good fit?)
« Last post by Monkhouse on Today at 12:06:31 PM »
I should've saved the Klay Thompson thread.

I offered this years pick 2 years ago for Klay, and I think Bradley added onto with either Memphis or Clippers.

You have no idea how badly some user castrated me.

And now we're talking about Carmelo for a Brooklyn pick? LOL HAHAHA. You're better off with Crowder if you're just going to deal two of your most prized possessions.

I found it.

Nets 2016 pick unprotected, Clippers pick, any of the Celtics 2nd rounder, Avery Bradley, and KO for Draymond Green/Klay Thompson.

I read these threads all the time without commenting and finally registered because this is by far the most moronic trade proposal I've ever seen. Seriously.

You want the Celtics to give up:
An unprotected 1st round pick two years out from an already disappointing team of aging veterans (lottery is very possible)
A late 1st round draft pick
A second round pick
A solid role-playing SG who is a lockdown defender and improving offensive player that can be likely be signed for $7 million/year (12.80 PER)
A 2nd year, 7-foot, potential nightly mismatch who improved down the stretch and averaged 8.7 PPG and 5.3 RPG coming off of the bench (15.27 PER as a rookie)


A SG that is only slightly better than Bradley (14.32 PER)
A former 2nd round pick that averaged 6.2 PPG in his second NBA season and wouldn't start for the Celtics (12.73 PER)

While you're at it, why not throw in Rondo for Golden State's 2nd round pick this year? Mind you, you proposed this trade in the context of the Cs having a high-lottery pick this year that can be used on a variety of star SG and SF prospects, NTM that the team you propose would still not even be close to contending. Are you completely insane?
Celtics Talk / Re: Found the Celtics future PF. Josh Jackson.
« Last post by EJPLAYA on Today at 12:03:57 PM »
If you watch this kids highlight videos you see almost entirely dunks. He's not going to be able to do that at the next level and so he could just as easily be a bust. Compare that with similarly sized Jayson Tatum. His take consists of spin moves, step backs, ball fakes, and then some just as impressive dunks. He's a much more creative scorer who's gonna be a better player IMO. Plus looks like he could add bulk on that frame more easily.
Transaction Ideas and Rumors / Re: Carmelo to Boston (a good fit?)
« Last post by Monkhouse on Today at 12:03:54 PM »

Say  people are high as !@#$, but then you offer up the Brooklyn pick which is one of the most valuable asset this year for Carmelo Anthony.

Lol, I could say the same for you. What are you smoking?

Anthony is a great player, but he's not worth a top 5 pick.
Celtics Talk / Re: What's Up with Zeller?
« Last post by DefenseWinsChamps on Today at 11:55:37 AM »
He's definitely not still out with sinus problems.

Yeah, at this point I think it's probably something more serious but the team doesn't want to go into any details. The team wouldn't be lying about an illness just to hold him out when they could just give him DNP - CDs, bit it's too long for a sinus infection, so it must be something else

I heard he's seeing a psychiatrist. He's afraid to play defense.

Psst. Would it surprise you to know that Zeller is in the 94% of the league in his defense in the post this season. Obviously, that's playing bench minutes and the sample size is small, but he's actually been pretty good.
Current Events / Re: Donald Trump Inauguration Thread
« Last post by indeedproceed on Today at 11:52:16 AM »

Trump couldnt use a picture of his own inauguration for whatever reason. So he used one from Obama's inauguration. This guy can't manage a twitter account, but we made him president. Just soul-sucking.

Honestly I think it's easy to jump at this kind of thing immediately after a transition when emotions are high and everything's a "first". There's a lot going on at a Presidential transition, and somebody having a fresh Inauguration photo to plug into a Twitter account at noon isn't one of the top 1000 things to have nailed down.

It's all very surreal and many of us are expecting if not the worst then something pretty lousy. But there are bigger fish out there like the massive conflicts of interest (another story today indicates there's no evidence Trump has even surrendered control of his companies) or the links to Russia, or what our healthcare system's going to look like in 6 months, and oh yeah the whole creeping fascism scenario. This'll be forgotten in a week, those will define just which way this whole thing arcs. Just my 2 cents.

I mean...if the guy elected class president on a 'no more study halls or chicken nugget lunches' platform comes out to address the student body with toilet paper on his shoe, I don't think its doing an injustice to the coming no-study-hall, no-chicken-nugget apocalypse to point out the small easily avoided misstep.

But I understand the logic of an 'eyes on the prize/certain impending disaster ' approach as well.
It depends on who we get in return, in the trade.   But if it was a proven superstar, I would consider trading it over a draft unknown.

I don't see it happening then. Butler is no superstar, and all the other superstars will be untouchable.
Transaction Ideas and Rumors / Re: Carmelo to Boston (a good fit?)
« Last post by tazzmaniac on Today at 11:50:27 AM »
So Carmelo Anthony is worth a 2017 Brooklyn Pick...

Yet people around here are like "I would try to snag Cousins or Butler without giving up the 2017 Nets Pick"  :o ::)
Well played.  TP.   
It depends on who we get in return, in the trade.   But if it was a proven superstar, I would consider trading it over a draft unknown.
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