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I guess #35 will be exclusively available for Durant if he ever want to use it as a celtic.

If Jaylen Brown is the reincarnation of Bias as some posters said, then Durant is the reincarnation of late Reggie Lewis. Lewis and Durant are both lanky forwards with deadly scoring abilities. Both are also the silent types and nice person off the court.

I wonder what Donna's say on this.

Some interesting off-topic numbers:

Durant might sign at the age of 27
Reggie died at the age of 27

Those numbers doesn't really imply anything but its worth mentioning.
Horford is a fundamentals guy, plays the right way. So is Durant, and he wants to win. He doesn't care about being in ESPN as long as his team wins. You can have all the highlight dunks you want, but it doesn't win games at the end of the day.

Westbrook is a fun player, but he takes some really bad shots, could some of those have lost them games?

Plus you need a good inside out guy now, need some one to dumb it into to get a easy bucket, or to draw the D and kick it out for and outside shot. Or to pull the other teams bigs out so you can work in the paint.

Yeah he's not going to wow you with high flying dunks, but he'll be a good teammate.
Jerebko is a good deal and I doubt we can find a better one year value contract in this free agency season. Someone might take Amir off our hands, but it's also possible we need to give up another asset to unload him if we find ourselves in a pickle.
And the reason why we are probably all best served to marry the slightly overweight woman - stability.
Same reason the ice cream store always sells vanilla
If they get the 2nd pitch, they should trade down. ::)
Celtics Talk / Re: Note - options on Amir and Jerebko due Thursday
« Last post by Big333223 on Today at 09:38:31 PM »
I love all of these posts claiming the C's can pick up better options in free agency but they have no idea who is actually out there on the market or how much any of those players might cost. It's like free agency is a magical department store where you can get whatever basketball player you want.
Smart is an elite defensive talent. I expect him to be better than Bradley in all facets of the game this time two years from now.
Celtics Talk / Re: 60 wins in the East with The Horford Durant combo
« Last post by td450 on Today at 09:37:53 PM »
I would favor Cleveland slightly over us, simply because Lebron James has always dominated Durant in heads up match. But it'll most likely be Crowder guarding LBJ, and wearing him out, while Durant can focus mainly on offense.

I still think if we were to add some vet help like Pierce, or TA to help guide our younger players, that we could certainly  exceed expectations and maybe surpass 65 wins, and get to the Finals.
Having Crowder and Brown there to take the physical load of defending Lebron off of KD and then having Avery and Marcus to hound Kyrie, we would matchup quite well with Cleveland.

but it seems a bit early to start talking about what we are gonna do once we get KD. I dont even see us as the favorites to get him.
It would be a good series, but Boston would still have significant offensive problems when Durant gets slowed down by James.  Thomas just doesn't have the size to be reliable and Horford is a solid all around player, but he is not a difference maker offensively (and at this point is pretty much a jump shooter).  And while Crowder is a good defender, he has never had all that much success guarding James.  In fact, James has pretty much exceeded his season averages when matched up against Crowder.
Scoring would certainly be the problem. I dont mean to suggest that Crowder could stop Lebron more that he and brown could make Lebron work for his points while more importantly taking the physical toll of defending a beast like Lebron from KD's shoulders. While Lebron would have to battle physical specimens like Crowder and Brown and then would be tasked with defending KD on the other side. Lebron is a superior player to KD but that energy disparity could even the playing field.

Two things to consider:

1. Lebron is 31 and KD is 27. The difference in their ages has always been an advantage for Lebron over Durant, until... just about now. Durant enters peak years just as Lebron starts to slow just a bit.

2. Stevens would make a difference in the matchup. Durant has never played for a pro coach that made his job any easier.
Celtics Talk / Re: Jaylen is not just an athlete
« Last post by knuckleballer on Today at 09:37:04 PM »
I read this article which gave a little insight into Brown's play at Cal.

One interesting take away is that it pointed out why he played poorly at the end of the season.  In a game at Arizona on March 3rd, Brown was called for 3 offensive fouls when trying to drive to the hoop and fouled out of the game.  Some argued that Arizona was flopping and Brown got a bad break.  After that game, he was very tentative on the offensive end which led to his poor performance.  Those games included the conference and NCAA tournament which is when a lot of people were watching and therefore have a bad impression of him.  Prior to that he had been on a roll.  It's not an excuse, but it is an understandable reason especially for a freshman.

If you look at his game log, you'll see that game was the start of his poor play.
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