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Celtics Talk / Re: Scal and Tanguay on Toucher and Rich, discuss Rondo
« Last post by chambers on Today at 03:34:12 AM »
We've beaten up some D league teams.
Don't get too excited.
Last year was focused on setting up a defensive mindset under the new coach.
This year looks like it will focus on offense and UBER development.
Danny's probably kicking himself that he didn't give Olynyk more time to showcase him last season.

Where we will suffer vs last year is when we face teams with solid post players. It will be even worse when we play teams like the Nets or Grizzlies with two dominant 7 footers. Who guards them? We'll get owned inside or torched from three and second chance points from rebounds will kill us.

Will be fun to watch though- Olynyk in particular is going to either make huge strides defensively and become a legit NBA big man with range, or he's going to be exposed as a poor mans Spencer Hawes with better range. (and Spencer Hawes sucks).

Pre season looks good but keep in mind that Stevens has obviously taken pre-season a little more seriously than most in an effort to set the tone early which is great.
Remember our starting units (minus Rondo) have been beating up on second and third string units for most of these preseason games. All those three's we've taken will be guarded tougher, closer and by bigger, faster athletes.

I'm really liking Stevens' tone with this young core though. Will be much more fun to watch than last season.
We might sniff 30-32 wins if things go better than expected with Sullinger and Smart.

Back to the original topic- Tanguay is an absolute **** bag. He has no idea. I laughed at how he mocked the Red's Army guys for being fans as if to say 'fans- what would they know compared to me?' He's a hack with a microphone.

Right, but how would the proposed draft reform affect any of that?  I'm not seeing how it hurts small market teams.  It doesn't make small market teams less desirable, it doesn't make large market teams more desirable.  It doesn't help New York win the lottery any more than it would Minnesota.

I'm just looking for an explanation on how it would be a disaster for small market teams, because the way I see it would give teams more of a chance to escape the NBA purgatory of being stuck in the 30-40 win range, and to me it seems like more small market teams get stuck there the most.

While being stuck in 30-40 win purgatory is not desirable, this new lottery would've made it easier to get stuck in the hell that is multiple 50-60 loss seasons.
Celtics Talk / Re: Sullinger 2014-2015 Statistics
« Last post by bballdog384 on Today at 02:48:20 AM »
I thought Sully would have been a 16/10 guy last season if Coach Stevens didn't get in his way. I think Sully could do a bit more this year but my guess is CBS gets in his way again this season. So I am going to go with 15/9 in 30-31 minutes a game.

It was his conditioning that got in the way..
Celtics Talk / Re: Sullinger 2014-2015 Statistics
« Last post by LarBrd33 on Today at 02:39:38 AM »
Sully is officially having a great pre-season.  But we must remember he averaged 13 points, 8 rebounds on 43% shooting last year.   Hopefully he can improve on that.  15 and 10 with 45% shooting would show progress, but it would be a long way from being an all-star.  There's stats to be had on this team, because the roster collectively is pretty terrible.
DKC Draft / Re: DKC League: Open for Bidness
« Last post by rondoallaturca on Today at 01:01:01 AM »
For some reason, the original link is blocked by this website so I'll link a reddit link to the link:

I'm not even posting this cause I have Marc on my team. Any time a player makes that sort of pass, especially a center, you have to respect.
Celtics Talk / Re: Scal and Tanguay on Toucher and Rich, discuss Rondo
« Last post by MBunge on Today at 12:56:54 AM »
And to the extent preseason means anything, Boston was 2-6 last year and 5-3 this year.  And while the level of competition wasn't great, Smart led the way in minutes per game at just 26.4 so it's not like the Celts were "playing to win" when the other teams weren't.

Transaction Ideas and Rumors / Re: Next big chance?
« Last post by celts10 on Today at 12:48:26 AM »
You will have a big problem navigating the salary cap with those guys.

Gasol is a max player. So pencil him in for $22M/yr. Half the league will line up to give him that money and the Knicks will be at the front of that line.

Bradley already has a contract averaging $8M/yr. Smith makes $14M/yr. Together those guys make up 1/3 of a team's cap. Now you're at 2/3 of the cap with 3 guys. Add Rondo's max deal and you're at the cap before you factor in Green, our team option young guys and Turner/Wallace. None of the money makes sense.

Even if you pay Detroit to swap us Wallace/Turner/Zeller for Smith (with at least one pick from us) we don't have enough for a max deal afterwards, let alone Gasol AND Gay.

We'd have ~$13M in cap space to work with (including Rondo's cap hold). If we can sign Gasol for $13M then we'd have nothing left to sign Gay. There is no way Gasol signs for $13M. If Green declined his player option we'd have enough to sign Gasol to the maximum but then Gay would have to take the minimum to play here. Unlikely. At that point we'd need to sign Rondo which would push our salary to around $78M if we max him out. $80M if Gay takes the minimum.

If you give up on Gay (and you should) and just keep Green on his $9.2M player option then the money is a little easier to manage and you only need 1.5 miracles (Gasol at $13M and DET taking Wallace+picks for Smith) to happen.

True, good points. You're much better on the financial aspects than I am! I think Smith would become rejuvenated just by getting out of that Detroit mess and playing back in position, along with Rondo. Would a lineup of Gasol, Sullinger, Green, Bradley and Rondo be feasible though? Other than Gasol, we'd really need another legit go-to-scorer. Aside from that, I hope Sullinger can make great strides this season.
Transaction Ideas and Rumors / Re: Bynum to Chicago in December??
« Last post by LooseCannon on Today at 12:43:36 AM »
Is this possible and is it worth holding onto him until December?

You still have to waive another guaranteed contract to keep Bynum around that long.  So far, all signs point to Ainge thinking it is more valuable to keep guys like Powell and Pressey around than to keep Bynum around in the hopes of trading him later.
Celtics Talk / Re: A better way to improve NBA games
« Last post by LooseCannon on Today at 12:40:44 AM »
I prefer this approach: In the final two minutes, the team fouled in a non-shooting foul can choose to shoot shots (assuming they are in the bonus) or to take the ball out of bounds. If they choose to take the ball out of bounds and the shot clock is below 14, it gets set to 14 seconds. In this case, fouling only hurts you unless you are insanely good at defending inbounds plays. If not, you may never get the ball back as the shot clock would always get reset to 14 seconds.

The downside to this is that it removes the punishment for bringing poor free throw shooters into the game. Howard will be able to defend and even take part in the offense in that final minute. If you foul him with the ball, his team will just take the ball out of bounds.

Mathematically, you should let Howard take the shots if he is fouled in that scenario.  You'd probably have to be at the (significantly worse) Deandre Jordan/Andre Drummond tier of free throw shooters to even think about passing up the free throws.
Celtics Talk / Re: Scal and Tanguay on Toucher and Rich, discuss Rondo
« Last post by mmmmm on Today at 12:39:16 AM »
As to the 'advanced stats' thing -- Hump posted an inflated PER because when he WAS on the floor we fed him the ball a LOT -- his touches per minute was very high.  PER is normalized against minutes but is known to be inflated by touch rate.   Hump averaged 1.92 per minute.  For comparison, Jeff Green - our supposed 'go to guy' in the minds of some - averaged just 1.49 touches per minute.  Humphries' touch rate was 29% higher!

A cynical mind might suggest that we were 'pumping up' Humphries' stats.   But that's just cynicism, ... right?

At any rate - to return to the point, while I liked Hump and thought he played well for us, I have a hard time seeing how replacing his minutes with more from Zeller and Olynyk is going to make us worse.
How does rebounding fit into that? Green may be a 'go to guy' for scoring, but PER isn't just scoring. And by touches, are we talking true touches - how many times a player touched the ball - of some sort of computed touches based on other stats? Since per does not include actual touches, I'm not sure your 'touches' point stands.

Still, I think we are better off with the young guys developing.

Actual touches - as tracked by Synergy Player Tracking.

Hump did get more rebounds, but that doesn't come close to accounting for the difference in touch rate.
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