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Celtics Talk / Re: A Stevens' smokescreen?
« Last post by Erik on Today at 04:32:32 PM »
Michael Jordan shot 50% from the field on very little 3 pt shooting. So basically he shot 50% on 2 pointers. That means every time he shot the ball, the expected value was 1 point. For my entire lifetime, this has been the gold standard of a midrange shooter.

The cut off 3pt % to replicate this is 33.3% (3 * .33 = 1).

You cannot go under a pick for any shooter who shoots better than 33.3% otherwise you're essentially giving Michael Jordan a turnaround jumper with a handicap bonus.

No smokescreen, he's 100% correct.
Around the NBA / Re: All-Defensive Teams Announced - Horford 2nd Team
« Last post by colincb on Today at 04:30:16 PM »
Most on this board think Smart is 1st team All-Defense and yet he just is never looked at that way nationally. Homerism?

If he isn't looked at as All-Defense across the league and is an atrocious offensive player, do the Celtics really have a problem in retaining him for cheap?

Smart's been all-defense before. I look at him as similar to Roberson and Beverly who have also been all-defense, are similarly recognized as superior defenders, are offensively challenged, and, according to Roberson's contract signed last summer, are worth about $10MM per year. Smart makes more highlight reel plays than the other two, but he also makes more bonehead plays too.
Smart was never voted All-Defense

I screwed up. I thought he had made it one year for some reason. He has consistently received votes, however.

Both Roberson and Beverly did make it as I had noted and I think the point about his next contract's size is still valid.
Celtics Talk / Re: Poll: Trade Irving for Town's
« Last post by Erik on Today at 04:24:00 PM »
I would say yes if the guy could play a lick of defense.

Big men who can't defend are massive liabilities in a "switch everything" defense.
Celtics Talk / Re: Poll: Trade Irving for Town's
« Last post by footey on Today at 04:23:30 PM »
I vote no.

I would rather have Kyrie Irving on my team than Towns. 
Celtics Talk / Poll: Trade Irving for Town's
« Last post by KG Living Legend on Today at 04:16:56 PM »

 The Dominican connection Horford and Towns. I think Horford and Stevens would be the perfect help that Towns needs. We would have the best pair of bigs in the league. The best wings. Hayward, Tatum, Brown, Morris

 Rozier and maybe Smart. Plus three firsts next year to find our guy.
Celtics Talk / Re: A Stevens' smokescreen?
« Last post by KGBirdBias on Today at 04:16:28 PM »
As I've said before I believe Stevens is holding on to something. He had 2 games to make an adjustment and did nothing. I think we will see something different tonight and with a win they can get it back to Boston for a game 7.
Is this the time that I can finally use the "stats don't tell the entire story" line that you people throw at me when I use them to prove to you that Goran Dragic is not even close to being an allstar, for example.

Marcus Smart is the prototype for a person who cannot be quantified by statistics. We all know this. We also all know what he contributes to this team on both ends of the floor.

The problem with "offensively limited" is that you're bundling him into a group of players like Roberson and MKG. If Smart is "offensively limited," so is Ben Simmons.

In a world where there are a lot of really, really bad players on $15mil/yr contracts, I'm almost positive that Smart will get one. He's certainly better than Robert Covington.
Celtics Talk / A Stevens' smokescreen?
« Last post by Eddie20 on Today at 04:12:57 PM »
Stevens on LeBron:
“The thing that people don’t talk about is how good he’s shot over the years and that’s taken out going under, which probably 3-4 years ago was probably a primary option with most teams.” Almost every time Cs try to go under, he’s popped a pull up three."

I can't help, but think this is a smokescreen. If not, I can't really agree with him. When James is shooting 3's/long 2's he seems to lose his aggressiveness. What I don't want to see is the constant switching, which is what Cleveland actually wants, and end up with an easy scoring opportunity, either via James scoring or finding an open teammate.

Why not go under the entire game and let James try to beat you with 3's? He's shooting 32% during the post-season and about 36% this series. While this series' shooting percentage isn't bad, that was largely influenced as a result of that insane 1Q he had in game 2.

In our 2 wins this series James went to the FT line a total of 16 times and took 16 3's. In our 2 losses he only took 7 3's, but had 23 FT attempts.

Again, my strategy would be to go under the screen on James, don't switch off those screens (unless the switching defender is NOT Baynes or Rozier), switch on all off-ball-action involving Korver, and stay home on everyone else.
Always thought the outrage over the kneeling was silly & stupid. 

Owners will do whatever they want to do, though.  There are ungodly amounts of money at play. We certainly know them to be overly concerned about public relations & image although I think they would've been better off to just let things be and fall off by the wayside rather than dredging this back up with this policy.

I'm also not sure they will fix their ratings woes.  I think that was more driven by poor play, the league turning into a pinball machine with constant tweeks to help offense to the absolute detriment of defensive play, way too many tv timeouts, and older faces retiring and the next generation (especially at the QB position) being not quite ready to fill those voids.

I value Smart more now than I used to, but I don't think the Celtics should pay top dollar for him—he's an important role player, but he's still only a role player, and role players shouldn't be getting $15M+ per season.

And though I like what Smart brings to the table—the hustle, the clutch plays—there's an awful lot that he doesn't bring to the table, particularly for someone who plays a position where shooting shouldn't be an issue. I'm talking about his 3pt shooting, but other things as well: he shot only 37% on 2pt jumpers this season (only about 35th percentile), and only 49.5% on layups (only about the 25th percentile; old friend Kelly Olynyk led the league among regulars with 71.2%).

I'd call that "offensively limited."
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