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Around the NBA / Re: NBA's Most Unbreakable Records
« Last post by Mike Pemulis on Today at 11:33:09 AM »
Most blocks by a guard: Jordan (893) Dwyane Wade (837)
Around the NBA / Re: NBA's Most Unbreakable Records
« Last post by Eddie20 on Today at 11:31:49 AM »
I like how people are bringing up the possibility of Lebron ever sustaining an injury. That's just impossible!

I agree with others with the Wilt records. While the NBA was definitely competitive back then, the overall level of the league was not what it is today. It is almost comparable to the UCONN women winning by 88 points the other night. Wilt's numbers were just wacky.

As for unbreakable records, I will go ahead an add AJ Green's 1192 consecutive games played streak to the list. There is no way anybody will ever come close to approaching that number given the amount of rest days players receive nowadays.

I think you meant AC Green, not the Bengals receiver. That said, even more impressive than his games played streak is his abstinence streak that was broken when he was married at age 38. For an NBA player, especially today, that record will never be touched.
College Basketball / Re: UConn Women team wins game by 88 pts: 140-52
« Last post by tazzmaniac on Today at 11:16:40 AM »
I'd hope to see a bit more than ESPN level commentary on here. 

UConn didn't run up the score.  They scored 55 points in the 1st quarter and 94 points in the 1st half.  They only scored 46 points total in the 2nd half.  The main reason the point margin was so large is their opponent, St Francis, plays up tempo and also shot a record 57 3-point attempts while only making 10 of them.    Also, UConn applied their press in the 1st quarter.  Turnovers and long rebounds led to a lot fast breaks.  UConn had a 96-10 points in the paint margin. 

UConn gets some good recruits but they don't dominate women's recruiting.  They don't have a bunch of star players on their bench.  They are generally only playing 6 players in non-garbage time this year.  They do have 4 players in the top 25 Wooden candidates but two of them were not top recruits.  Geno does a great job of recruiting and developing players for his system.  Having your best players for 4 years is a big advantage over the men's game. 

Relatively speaking, the UConn women are GSW but with good bigs.  They play a very enjoyable style.  Lots of ball and player movement, good outside shooting and good post play plus a good active defense.  They are definitely not hurting women's basketball.  UConn is the main reason women's basketball gets any coverage. 

Although they are the best team, UConn should be challenged in the tournament this year.  They'll probably face South Carolina in the Elite 8, possibly Texas (who only lost by 4 to UConn in the regular season) in the semis and possibly Notre Dame who usually plays UConn tough in the finals.   
Celtics Talk / Re: Biggest surprise/Disppointment
« Last post by mctyson on Today at 10:59:45 AM »
Obvious that biggest disappointment are the injuries.  It will be a "what could have been" season, much like '08-'09.

My biggest surprise is Kyrie.  I was in the camp of people that did not consider him to be that much of an upgrade over IT, that it was worth trading the Brooklyn pick for him.  I was wrong.
Around the NBA / Re: NBA's Most Unbreakable Records
« Last post by GreenFaith1819 on Today at 10:35:39 AM »
Whose had the most Blocks?

Among Centers, PFs, SFs and Guards?
Celtics Talk / Re: Biggest surprise/Disppointment
« Last post by Csfan1984 on Today at 10:22:34 AM »
Surprise positive= Tatum. What an amazing rookie. He may turn out to be superstar.

Surprise negative= Hayward injury. I felt there was without a doubt no chance at winning it all but if Rockets can upset the Warriors and C's get to finals there may be a shot.

Disappointed= Smart not getting better with his shot. Irving knee management costing games.

Satisfied= Danny getting a lot of decent/cheap bigs on this roster. BS not going small so much now with more skilled bigs has been very good.
Around the NBA / Re: NBA's Most Unbreakable Records
« Last post by LatterDayCelticsfan on Today at 10:10:31 AM »
Kobe's most missed FGAs
Around the NBA / Re: NBA's Most Unbreakable Records
« Last post by More Banners on Today at 09:35:18 AM »
Kerr's .454 career three point accuracy.
Nowadays, if anyone is shooting that well he would be shooting more. Therefore less accurate on bigger volume.

- Kareem's scoring record.
- Rasheed's technicals in a single season.
- Robert Horry's 7 rings in 3 different teams

I think Kareem is going down after 5 more years of LeBron.
As for Horry, it is quite possible to do repeat it. Players careers are longer and I feel like players( if they are good)  have more say how to end up where they want.

Lebron's game is starting to decline, apparently. He would either retire as a superstar or continue to play as a role player, which will make it harder to score if you're no longer a primary option. Robert Horry's record is still unmatched after all this years and the only ones came close to it was the likes of James Jones which is only 3 rings in 2 teams.
Assuming he is healthy, if LeBron averages a notch over 24ppg for 320 games (basically 4 more years) then he should pip Kareem.

Over 5 years, that's down to just over 19ppg, and over 6? Way down to just over 16ppg.

It's a big assumption that he'd remain healthy his entire career, or that he'll continue to score, but he certainly could do it. On the other hand, he could go out like Wilt and stop looking to score so much and rather go all out in order to win.

Heck, if Wilt had maintained his 1960-'66 scoring run for about 1000 games he could likely have pipped 40k. Insane

I do believe Lebron takes the career scoring lead one day. He just seems able to average 20 in his sleepas a 4, even or especially without being the primary facilitator. Imagine him as a 28 minute 3rd usage guy. 20 easy points, putbacks, open looks, and on the block or mid post. His health has been unreal.

Kerr's percentage was boosted by open weak side looks playing with MJ in the ISO era. The facility of producing those shots in today's game isn't as easy, just as Stockton's assists coming from perpetual 1/4 pick and roll for nearly two decades. The ball whips around more now in a more open, faster paced game.

Some great ideas here. Should compile them into a poll.
Around the NBA / Re: NBA's Most Unbreakable Records
« Last post by Celtics17 on Today at 09:24:12 AM »
The single most unbreakable NBA record is Wilt's 55 rebounds in a game! That record may stand longer then any in professional sports. Team records are not counted because if you count them then Russ's titles, 11/13 then become the most unbreakable.

Wilt's 100 point game is a very close 2nd and has stood for over 50 years! If steals and blocked shot stats were kept in Wilt's day the triple double record book would have his name in it five times more then any other player.

I'm not sure that this counts as a record but if you were to look at the number of rules made by the league in a direct attempt to slow down a player then again Wilt's record will stand for a long time. I dont remember all of them but I once read all of the rule changes the league made to slow him and it seems as if it numbered in the teens.

Around the NBA / Re: CAVSMAGEDDON!!
« Last post by GreenWarrior on Today at 09:22:07 AM »
Lebron discusses challenges of not playing alongside love following another Cavs Loss:

"It's been a long time since I haven't played with another All-Star on my team," James said. "So, having Kev out has been very challenging for all of us. Kev has a big usage rate on our team. He'll get the ball when things get tight, chaotic; we can throw it to him in the low post and get some things going."

I feel like Kevin Love must really like hearing this because it seems like he has really been underappreciated for much of his time there. It seems like Love has been on the block for large parts of the next few years. I wonder what would happen with him if Lebron leaves. Would people still want Love on the Celtics? I am worried he is not going to age very because of his ongoing back issues. He still can put up great numbers, but that seems like a chronic thing.

ok, that's every team he's played with  now that he's bashed his teammates.

I figured we'd hear him complain in the playoffs but he couldn't wait.

great player.
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