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Celtics Talk / Re: Is Bass killing our tanking?
« Last post by piercetruth34 on Today at 04:42:08 AM »
We have so many draft picks does it really matter?
The Draft / Re: Calling it now -- We should Draft Stanley Johnson
« Last post by Smartacus on Today at 04:40:29 AM »
Sign me up. Definitely think Stanley Johnson could be a number 1 option, similar to a post Jordan Pippen. He's got grown man strength at a young age, Weighs in at 245 which is heavier than a lot of today's big men, and is a relativity creative scorer.

Question is who do you take him over?


How about a resurgent Kelly Oubre? Aside from him I think the only other players that would garner a long look would be Willey Caulie-Stein and maybe Justise Winslow if a team over thinks the pick and passes on Johnson.

Of the above, think I'd only prefer Okafor or Towns to Johnson. Towns' has been a bit dicey for a top 3 pick but there's a chance he could be better suited to the spacing of the NBA and become the next Rasheed Wallace(without the techs!). Would hate to imagine a world where we passed on Towns and he starts putting up 19-10-2-1 on 2 3 pointers made to take a player that could only end up as a "very-good" starting wing.
Celtics Talk / dawkins for real-there is some bark in this puppy
« Last post by rollie mass on Today at 04:19:09 AM »
can this kid shoot even when well defended,sets 3 point record for red claws last night while scoring 27points and dolling out assists
what was more impressive he came back from a very poor shooting night the game before scoring only 9 points and missed all but one of three's 1-13 but the next night came back and went 8-19 several with hand in face or very tightly guarded.
there is some bark in this puppy-
Celtics Talk / Re: The current state of the Brooklyn Nets
« Last post by get_banners on Today at 04:12:19 AM »
I see them being completely screwed until 2016 (when Lopez and Johnson are off the books) - until then, they basically can't improve w/o a time machine, b/c they have no cap space (and if they get it, they'll have to basically give one of Johnson, DWill, or Lopez away, or package them with Plumlee, and still probably not get a good return) until then, they have no picks, and their guys are getting older. So, barring any miracles, the 2016 pick is looking extremely good for us. After that season, they could go FA hunting, as only Deron is on the books, but why would anyone go there unless the Nets were, far and away, the most financially lucrative? The team will have almost no young assets and minimal other talent. I suspect they don't change ship that offseason, meaning the 2017 pick we can swap might also be insanely awesome. 2017-18, they could try to assemble a team with some max offers, so its possible that last pick we get from them might be the worst (for us) of the batch, but, again, that is predicated on them being able to sell a FA on signing w/ them, which might be less likely than I thought, given the fact that they'll probably be bad for the next few years and will have almost no picks.
The Draft / Re: Calling it now -- We should Draft Stanley Johnson
« Last post by konkmv on Today at 03:45:38 AM »
I agree... johnson with the5-6 pick... move up and get turner as well.... if you can dakari johnson who is falling to the second round i will be thrilled
Celtics Talk / Re: evan turner-for rookie of year
« Last post by ViolentGhandi on Today at 03:24:28 AM »
he hustles on D because most of the time he is a little step too late - not because of his quickness but because he doesnt antizipate very well

on offence he is a boomerang guy - he and Zeller share the top spot for bad passing - those passes around the circle to the next guy drive me nuts - he gets those opposing guards a nice headstart on the fastbreak at least once per game.

The on good thing about him is his shooting - in so many was he reminds me of Crawford - maybe not the total loss of balanche that made Crawford dribbling looking so funny. Ohh and better shot selection than Crawford - but thats about it imo.
The Draft / Calling it now -- We should Draft Stanley Johnson
« Last post by vjcsmoke on Today at 03:04:28 AM »
Stanley Johnson is a winner and a 4x champion at the high school level.  Going into college his Arizona teammates and coach marvel at his confidence, physical ability, and skills.

I believe this guy can be a goto guy, the #1 scorer for the Celtics.
A 5 is a big need for us, but a guy who can 'be the man' offensively is an even bigger need.

If I'm Danny Ainge, I do everything in my power to draft this guy.  To top it off, he's a two way player.  He can make an impact defensively as well and he has supreme athleticism to be a do everything player on the court.

SJ will be a key player for Arizona this year:

SJ Draft profile and videos:

SJ leads his team to win vs Okafor led team:

Count this game a loss.....unless Clay and Curry get kidnapped , tankers can rest easy.

Luv to know the odds Boston beats GS at home .  .....I suspect I might win power ball before that happens this year

Maybe ,  we would have a chance if Clay and Curry had to shoot all game with their none shooting hand and one eye

If Curry and Thompson have only ok games, we have a chance to win.  Not likely guys like Lee, Bogut or Green will be taking over. 

Curry and Thompson has prob not seen a defensive pairing like Smart and AB this season. I remember a few seasons back when AB and Lee suffocated Curry and Thompson badly and we pulled out a win

No we don't (well maybe there is, but that a very tiny window). This team doesn't live on Curry and Klay alone, they also live on their defense. If Klay and Steph will have okay games, we're still going to need a Herculean effort offensively to still beat the Dubs. In case you probably haven't seen them, they can defend.

And I hope Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley rise to the challenge, but keeping Steph in check would be freaking almost impossible. Steph dropped an average 23 points on 53.6% shooting against an All NBA Defender in Patrick Beverley. I hate to be pessimistic, but I don't see AB or Mahcus having a much better chance. And that's just half of the Splash Bro's.

Beverly is not a better backcourt defender than AB nor Smart.

AB caused Curry to shoot 3-11 2 years ago.  Also AB is taller than Beverly and has a 6'9 wingspan.  Smart also has a 6'9 wingspan and is much bigger/stronger than Beverly.  His strength will wear Curry/Thompson down

2 years ago, Curry was not an MVP candidate.

Curry going off is not a knock on AB or Smart (or Beverly)'s defensive abilities but it's more of a testament to how Steph Curry's game has grown a ton. And also Klay Thompson, who just set an NBA record in their game vs the Kings.

Beat me to the punch there Lil Rip. Curry has stepped into a superstar level player. He won't just beat us with his shooting, he can get to the rim and distribute. Klay is on another world as well. He's averaging 32 on 56% shooting his last five games, that's a tall order (pun intended). And that's just a couple of problems we need to solve on Sunday, the other would be actually trying to score against the Dubs.

I admire your optimism, and true, Curry and Thompson would be a good challenge. But let's be real here, it will take more than "okay games" to beat the Warriors. I would be all for AB and Mahcus holding Steph and/or Klay down, bringing them back to Earth, but we'd need great, great offense to pull this through, as that Golden State defense is top notch.

Trust me, I know this for a fact.
The Draft / Re: Draft: Who do you want at #7?
« Last post by vjcsmoke on Today at 02:26:25 AM »
I want Towns or Stanley Johnson.  We might have to trade up to get one of those guys, but it would be totally worth it imo.   Towns would give us the 5 we desperately need, but if he is gone I would be very happy to have Stanley Johnson.

Just look at his draft profile and the tape:

The guy is gonna be a BEAST.  He creates offense with his athleticism and his dribble.  He can blow by defenders or give them that little fake before he makes his move, quickly going the other direction or even a spin move and he finishes above the rim with power.

I know the reports say he isn't the greatest shooter yet, but Lebron didn't come into the league as that great of a shooter.  Now I'm not saying SJ is even close to Lebron.  What I'm saying is that I can picture him as a very physical SF who can create offense for himself and teammates.  We don't really have a player like that right now.  I could picture SJ as a goto scorer, something I could never picture Jeff Green doing despite his athleticism and talent.
Isnt leonard a fa also

I dont think they have the cap to sign both do they?

They have 33 mil committed to what should be a 66 mil cap this summer, so it'll be a crunch to sign both. Factor in that if Duncan wants to come back he'll have to come back at a big discount. I'd tell Danny to offer TD 2/40 just to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing.
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