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The Draft / Re: Best draft options : Top 4
« Last post by chambers on Today at 06:38:55 AM »
#1 pick and in a clear league of his own: Markelle Fultz. Potential top 5/ NBA superstar player.

#2 pick and could very well be an All Star caliber/top 25 player. Lonzo Ball

#3 Tatum- solid potential on both ends. Could be an All Star and hopefully at least a Tobias Harris level player in a worst case.

#4 Jackson- I don't see as much star potential on offense in Jackson as others do. I see an elite defender who can score in straight line drives but lacks handles to be a superstar. Like an elite defender with offense of Jeff Green.
Celtics Talk / Re: Bballbreakdown on IT carrying the ball
« Last post by TA9 on Today at 06:22:47 AM »
Here's a good perspective from, inter alia, Stephen Jackson:

Basically everyone is doing it in the NBA, and I'd really like to see the reactions if the refs decide to call out IT for carrying the ball in the upcoming game.
Smart didn't win back to back State Championships in High School by being a dominant point guard, scorer. He won by hustle, defense, rebounds, shutting down opponents stars, taking charges, and changing the complexity of the game without scoring.

He was hands down the MVP of those championship games and this is what you're seeing now. He won't unleash until the 4th quarter when he his foul count is low and he can go all out. He'll get in your head, out hustle anyone on either team, he's a man amongst men. Just watch as this thing goes on, he's undeniable.

There are different ways to be a star, which at times goes unrealized, unnoticed or just undervalued around these parts. The kind you describe in describing Marcus is maybe the rarest. Players like him are in short supply and difficult to acquire. Every truly great team has had at least one and needs at least one to be truly great.

The 4th quarter angle is key. Looking at it from the perspective of a teammate, is there anyone else you want out there fighting by your side in the waning minutes of a close game for all the little and big basketball things he is capable of doing than Marcus?

It's not a coincidence that the Celtics' steadily improving fortunes have coincided with his arrival.

So he's Bruce Bowen, Tony Allen, or Robert Horry? James Posey, lol. Delladova? These players aren't as hard to find as you're making them out to be.

No, those guys aren't easy to find.  They are certainly not as hard to find as perennial all-stars or MVPs, but the Celtics never replaced Tony Allen after they lost him and they paid for it.

I am not sure what Marcus' ceiling is.  He is a very unique player, to say the least.  There haven't been many PGs in the NBA with his size and strength who can legitimately defend 4s and 5s in the post.  He is a 23-year old Swiss Army Knife with a linebacker body logging 30+ minutes for a top-7 NBA team.  There is no doubt in my mind that every team in the league wants him on the roster.  The guy plays his a$$ off every game, no matter what the score.

Salute. TP
Celtics Talk / Re: Bballbreakdown on IT carrying the ball
« Last post by chambers on Today at 05:47:31 AM »
I watched this earlier and it's great.
To me, IT's carrying on crossovers isn't too bad, it's his hesitation 'freeze' dribbles where he takes 3 steps before bouncing the ball again that are the ones that are impossible to call for refs.

But yeah, many other players carry the ball more than IT, but not many get away with travels in the way IT does. Gives him an enormous advantage blowing by defenders.
Celtics Talk / Re: Bballbreakdown on IT carrying the ball
« Last post by Androslav on Today at 05:31:08 AM »
They almost never call carrying or dribbling above shoulders.
IMO, it is more about how long you carry then do you carry.
If it is like a split sec, as Isaiah does it, then it is fine.
If you are going around like a waiter, then it should be called.
In all truthiness, IT is so fast, twitchy and cunning that it is hard to be 100% sold on criteria as there is no similar example of size, skill and hand speed in the league. If there were 50 guys his size and speed, say 6'7'', 225 lbs dude, then criteria would be established more easily.
Maybe CP3 is the closest to IT in that regard and they don't call it on him.
Calling out a 2-time all-star that just had a personal tragedy for carrying isn't going to make you more relatable to the to the public or referees. Weak move by Hoiberg.
The Draft / Re: Best draft options : Top 4
« Last post by nickagneta on Today at 05:26:09 AM »
Lack of respect for Ball on this site makes me question the talent evaluating abilities of many that post here. Ball is the real deal with Jason Kidd upside only with a three point shot already developed. He will be a triple double threat every night once he acclimates himself to the NBA game and out of all the prospects, he might be the one that acclimates his game fastest. Why? Because his BBIQ is of the chart.

I really believe Ball is top two minimum and might be #1 on a whole bunch of teams draft boards by the time the draft rolls around.
Celtics Talk / Re: david lee
« Last post by rollie mass on Today at 05:05:06 AM »
just checked his stats 5.6 rebounds per 17 minutes and 7 points but your both probably right
per 30 minutes not shabby
i saw him mid season and he was playing well-
he still burned us--but acknowledge  that your right-
Celtics Talk / Bballbreakdown on IT carrying the ball
« Last post by j804 on Today at 04:28:23 AM »

Wow, y'all see this way to overblow things outta proportion this videos ridiculous. Of course in slow mo everything will look like a travel. If IT is getting called for a bunch of carries next game that'd be some BS.
Transaction Ideas and Rumors / Re: Another KP idea
« Last post by Somebody on Today at 04:25:39 AM »
It looks like that a trade for Porzingis is not that unrealistic anyway. I think he is trying to force himself out of New York.

And maybe the price isn't even that high

I think that a trade involving Bradley, Crowder, a first rounder(not nets) and a few second rounders might actually be enough, at Knicks might be blowing it all up.

I know the trade doesn't work in the trade machine so we have to bring ind some salary filler and maybe even involve a third team to make it happen.

Knicks will do the deal, as Bradley and Crowder are great lockerroomguys that would really be great on a rebuilding team.

We would do it, because we can then trade for Hayward and have a pretty good rotation, especially if get to draft Fultz.

Thomas, Smart, Fultz and Rozier

Hayward, Brown and maybe someone like Jerebko on a minimum deal!

Porzingis, Horford, Yabusele and Zizic

I think that team might actually be a contender
Think so as well, I'd actually resign James Young and sign Nader for the wing spots. Also I'd use the MLE for a guy like David West or Mo Speights. Finally I'd pick a hardworking center with one of our 2nds who is basically a body to use inside when Horford or Porzingis get hurt.

PG: IT, Rozier, Jackson
SG: Smart, Fultz, Young
SF:Hayward, Brown, Nader
PF:Porzingis, West, Yabusele
C: Horford, Zizic, 2nd rounder
2nd unit is super young but they've got Rozier (has some playoff experience),West (enough said lol) and Jaylen (quick learner so his rookie season should be good experience already, especially as we're looking to go relatively deep in the playoffs this year). Fultz is a phenom so I guess he'll pick up things quickly during the season, especially with good vets around him. As for Zizic, he's already got some pro experience unde his belt so I think he'll be fine, playing in the best league in the world except for the NBA is no small thing, especially when you lead a team to beat the best non nba team in the world in the playoffs.
I'd still like to have Nerlens.

Any takers for a shot at him in FA? Is there a chance that some verbal commitment to re-sign with the Mavs could be broken?

Dallas are presumably going to have another go at the playoffs next year (and every year until Dirk retires), but they might not be willing to give him more than a two year deal. He might request a 1 year deal too

Anyone willing to give Nerlens a big 5 year deal for backup at center?
Rather try to pry Cauley Stein for cheap from the Kings, they see the big Papa as their future center
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